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Dan Sitton

Dan Sitton

Solutions Analyst

As Diagram’s Solutions Analyst, Dan looks for specific opportunities and partnerships between Diagram and other companies, working to help these potential and/or current partners to identify pain points in their digital strategy and presence with the goal of finding long-term, sustainable solutions.

Outside of work, Dan is an avid reader (his favorite genre is sci-fi), a diehard Blackhawks fan, and a Star Wars lover who believes that Han shot first.

Dan's Views

It's Almost 2019: What Should I Do With My Ektron Site?

As the calendar year turns over, many organizations are taking a look at their digital infrastructure to see if there are any major needs as they plan for the rest of the year. To help ensure the continued growth of your digital strategy, the beginning of the year provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate your Ektron site - including the ROI it provides and to identify any risks.

Posted by Dan Sitton on 12.11.18 Topics: CMS, Episerver, Ektron