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Nicole Osterhout

Nicole Osterhout

Agile Process Manager

As Diagram’s Agile Process Manager, Nicole helps drive Diagram's continual  improvement and evolution as an agile organization. Removing cross-team impediments to improve quality and productivity, evangelizing scrum and evolving processes and standards keeps her busy! She also manages Diagram team members who fulfill the scrum master role. 

Outside of the office, Nicole enjoys following the evolving culture surrounding the Web and technology, as well as politics, religion, and dirty martini's (blue cheese olives only!). She loves to travel, secretly watch reality TV, and spend time with her family.

Nicole's Views

A Day In The Life of Diagram

In the technology world, there are a wide variety of people that make up each company. Learn about the Diagram dynamic and how we collaborate as a team.

Posted on 10.25.13 in: News & Culture