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Chris Osterhout

Chris Osterhout

SVP of Strategy

Chris Osterhout is the SVP of Strategy at Diagram, where he brings extensive expertise in digital platform strategy, content management systems (CMS), digital experience platforms (DXP), composable commerce, machine learning, AI, and generative AI use cases. With a deep understanding of both headless and cloud-based CMS solutions, Chris has successfully led numerous CMS migrations and upgrades, helping businesses optimize their content management systems for better functionality and user experience. Known for his practical approach and ability to simplify complex technical issues, Chris is a trusted advisor in adopting strategies that leverage first-party data, creating impactful, data-driven digital experiences. His strategic insights and technical proficiency across various platforms such as Optimizely and Umbraco, coupled with expertise in digital marketing, SEO, SEM, and API integrations, make him an invaluable resource for organizations looking to enhance their digital presence.

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Chris's Views

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How to Budget for an Episerver Migration

If you're planning to migrate your site from Ektron, or another CMS to Episerver, anticipating your costs will help you create a realistic budget.

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