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Data & Insights

We help consolidate data and deliver actionable insights.

Our approach helps organizations understand, integrate, and consolidate data across existing and legacy systems. Connecting these dots results in better business intelligence and greater opportunity to measure and achieve the ROI of your digital initiatives.

Gaps in data are the primary blockers to digital transformation.

Connecting data across your organization can be a complicated and messy endeavor. Internal politics, conflicting priorities, and dependence on legacy systems often collide leaving no short-term path toward data unification and the benefits it can bring. As a result, companies are unable to effectively coordinate, track, and measure efforts that span departments and channels.

Product Data Consolidation

Without a single source of truth, many organizations waste time and effort managing the same product data in multiple systems. This introduces unnecessary risk of product data being inconsistent or out of sync. Our approach involves delivering viable short-term solutions and long-term strategies for consolidating product data that you can leverage on the Web and across channels.


Closed Loop Reporting

Reporting silos are effective at measuring performance specific to individual platforms, channels, or departmental initiatives but fail to connect insights across them. This makes it difficult to determine how optimization in one area affects what is happening in other areas. We help organizations set up better reporting that reveals insights across disparate tool and platforms, so that you can see the how investment and optimization in one channel impacts results in others.


Security and Compliance

Understanding the changing requirements surrounding data collection, data security, and privacy is critical for enterprise organizations looking to mitigate risk and manage compliance. Our approach involves developing and advising on solutions to capture and manage data securely and responsibly following industry standards.


Areas of Expertise

  • Site analytics and reporting
  • Performance monitoring
  • 3rd party and custom application integration
  • PIM implementations
  • Custom application (middleware) development
  • Content federation

Our Work

We've helped manufacturing companies centralize product data for use across channels, healthcare organizations aggregate and utilize provider data from disparate systems, and sales and marketing teams close the loop in their reporting for better lead tracking. Read more about how we've helped these clients drive customer engagement through connected data and insightful analysis.  

Results Matter.

We design creative digital solutions that grow your business, strengthen your brand, and engage your audience. Are you looking for a partner to get you to the next level?

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