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Dennis Kardys

Dennis Kardys

Director of Design & Production

As Diagram’s Design Director, Dennis focuses on helping clients realize the importance of user-centered design and developing elegant and intuitive websites. He is responsible for collaborating with clients to flesh out the vision for their project, running UX and discovery workshops, and working between teams to ensure that visually, conceptually, and functionally, each project lives up to its potential.

Dennis has over 12 years of combined experience in visual design, user experience, and web development. He is a recognized speaker, writer, and contributor within the UX and web design communities, and is obsessed with topics like responsive design, the mobile web, and design ethics. 

Dennis's Views

Hiding and Simplifying Content

Often when trying to design simple interfaces, we have a tendency to want to hide information inside of panels and tabs. But be careful you aren't doing more harm than good. Here are some considerations for designing simple interfaces.

Posted by Dennis Kardys on 05.2.14 Topics: Design Advice

Common Web Design Myths

Although on the surface, design may seem like a simple task, there are many factors to consider when creating the best experience possible for users. Read on to find out four common web design myths.

Posted by Dennis Kardys on 09.17.13 Topics: Design Advice

Post Discovery Discovery

Discovery is often thought of as the first stage of a project, but learning shouldn’t begin and end there. By baking learning into your long-term workflow you can ensure you’re celebrating a site launch, not a site funeral.

Posted by Dennis Kardys on 09.10.13 Topics: Design, Design Advice, Discovery