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Two Fresh HubSpot Updates to Get Your Week Started

Doug Miller
#Industry Insights, #HubSpot
Published on August 14, 2017

HubSpot changes some of the competitive reporting it offers for social media and a reminder to Chicago-area uses to check out the upcoming HubSpot User Group (HUG) sessions this week.

As we make our way through August, there are a few items of note that have come down the pipeline that are related to HubSpot that we thought people should know. First, there are some additional changes to some of the reporting that HubSpot offers for competitors and social media. Second, the Chicago-area HubSpot User Group continues this week with another great session with someone from HubSpot coming to visit Chicago - keep reading for more details.

Changes to HubSpot Competitors Reporting

Whether you are a current HubSpot user or just looking into all of the different things a great Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) can do, you might already be familiar with the fact that HubSpot has a special area inside the platform that gives you great insight on how you stack up against your competition in a couple of key metrics.

Obviously, since HubSpot keeps track of what your organization does, it's easier for them to provide actionable insights for how your marketing strategy should advance based on your own data. This gives you a chance to compete against yourself, in a way, and to make data-informed decisions on how to move forward. Less tied to specific actionable items, some of the data points in the competitor report provide some good perspective, but often provide challenges for working that insight (without some help from a partner) into your marketing plans.

As a result, on August 23rd, these four metrics will be removed from the Competitor Report in the HubSpot platform, according to a recent post by the company:

  • Facebook fans
  • Has FB page
  • Twitter followers
  • Has Twitter

You can find out more about the reasons HubSpot offers for changes to the Competitors Report here.

As with most data, determining what is valuable for your marketing strategy is a process that can be made much easier with a partner. If you are an organization that relied on this data within HubSpot reporting, we'd like to hear about it. We can also talk about other ways to get that same information to you, as well as add some insight to the data that might make your competitive landscape a more useful context to understand and take action on.

Chicago HubSpot User Group for August

Our team has been really excited about all the HubSpot User Group (HUG) sessions we've attended. We've written a few posts about our experiences attending the sessions in the past, and will provide the same sorts of summaries of our experiences for the session that is coming up this week.

If you have never been to a HUG before, they are well worth checking out. This upcoming HUG will prove to be very useful, especially in the context of better understanding your data. Jeffrey Russo, Director of Product Marketing at HubSpot, will be joining the HUG to talk about the ways that marketers can use data to prove the effectiveness of their efforts.

It doesn't matter if you are a marketing department of one or a hundred, being able to efficiently track your effectiveness through data is an immensely useful tool and I'm sure he'll have some great insight, tips, and tricks on using HubSpot to offer. Since this session is already on a wait list due to its popularity, visit the Chicago HUG website to register for upcoming events and we'll see you there!