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New with HubSpot: Content Strategy Tool, Dashboard Emails

Doug Miller
#Industry Insights, #HubSpot
Published on September 7, 2017

What's new with HubSpot? We keep up so you don't have to. This month, we're talking about the Content Strategy Tool, Email Dashboards, and more!


We try to stay on top of all the changes so you don’t have to! Whether they are changes to the Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) space involving partners like HubSpot, or in the Content Management System (CMS) space involving partners like Episerver, we do our best to stay on top of the news and to curate out to you good information and some context to help it make sense. As the summer winds up, we’ve got some news about HubSpot, including the release of their Content Strategy tool, some changes to Dashboard Emails, and more. Let’s dive in!

Content Strategy Tool

We’ve had our eye on this for a while and I even had the chance to write a bit of a preview (we got an early peek) about what it is like to use this tool. I think the content pillar framework that HubSpot is working from makes a lot of sense (organizing your information architecture around topics you know you have good info about and having “pillar” pages as hubs for that content). Now that ability has been released to the public at large. You can read more about the tool via this press release which also has a link to HubSpot’s page about the tool.

HubSpot Revolutionizes SEO with Innovative Content Strategy Tool
HubSpot Products: Content Strategy

Dashboard Emails

If you use HubSpot often, you’ll soon start to see the value of leaning on the email automation of dashboard reports as a way to improve how internal teams keep track of what’s going on with your content. There are some changes about how those automated emails that are used as dashboards will behave. According to HubSpot, the “Schedule a recurring email” feature was recently updated to allow dashboards to be sent only to users of your HubSpot portal. Starting on September 20, 2017, any previously configured recurring dashboard emails scheduled to be sent to non-users of your portal will no longer be sent.

Is this you? Make sure to take a look in your portal to find out (or schedule some time with a partner like us to take a peek for you).

Features for Filtering

We mentioned recently that there were some changes coming for the CRM tool in HubSpot. Some of those changes are around the way that the tool uses what used to be called “views”. Views were the way a CRM user could keep track of various aspects of the lists of people they were looking at. HubSpot’s CRM now calls these “saved filters” and has added some additional functionality, along with making them easier to see in full screen mode (instead of a sidebar dropdown). New to this change is something I think could be very useful, the ability to have saved filters work both in the CRM and in the Marketing portal. You can find out more about these changes and all product updates via HubSpot’s page for that:
HubSpot Product Updates

They also regularly release a handy video with these updates as well.


How will these improvements help your workflow? Let us know in the comments below or over social media. Also, if you would like some additional help exploring these changes or implementing them on your portal, we are happy to help.