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Chicago HUG: Paid Social Media Ads & HubSpot Chatbots
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Chicago HUG: Paid Social Media Ads & HubSpot Chatbots

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Published by Sarah Corley on 05.31.19

Diagram's Sarah Corley recaps the May Chicago HubSpot User Group meet up focused on paid social media ads and HubSpot chatbots.

At our May Chicago HubSpot User Group (HUG) meetup, Stephanie and I wanted to make sure that we had a chance to share our knowledge of marketing, sales and HubSpot. So we focused an entire HUG meet up around paid social media ads and HubSpot bot conversations. 


Paid Social Media Campaigns
“Paid social media ads are not set it and forget it. Continue to tweak and refine targeting and messaging throughout the duration of your ad campaign.”
--Sarah Corley


  • What are you trying to accomplish with your paid ad?
  • Using the SMART goals, what will make this paid campaign a success?
  • What information from my buyer personas can I use for paid ads targeting criteria? 


HubSpot Bot Conversations
"Arguably the most important part of creating a great chatbot is giving people a way to access a human if they get stuck. Be sure to give people a way out."
--Stephanie Baiocchi


  • What specifically is my chatbot going to help people accomplish more efficiently?
  • How will my chatbot provide a great conversational experience?
  • How will I continue to refine and expand my chatbot messaging?


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