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How Important are HubSpot Certifications?

Sarah Corley
Published on August 4, 2020
How Important Are HubSpot Certifications?

Have you heard of HubSpot, HubSpot Academy or HubSpot certifications and wondered what they're all about? We put together a list of commonly asked questions that we've heard from clients to show how HubSpot continues to advance and enhance the marketing and sales industries. 

Have you heard of HubSpot, HubSpot Academy or HubSpot certifications and wondered what they're all about? We put together a list of commonly asked questions that we've heard from clients to show how HubSpot continues to advance and enhance the marketing and sales industries. 


What is HubSpot Academy?   

HubSpot Academy is a HubSpot’s education and training resource where professionals can take on demand video courses related to inbound sales, digital marketing, and website design to continue to improve their knowledge and get certified in a variety of industry topics.   


What's the difference between courses and certifications?   

Courses and certifications are both made up of lessons. Courses are usually more specific in nature and focus on around topic, like paid social media advertising or how to set up a landing page.  


Certifications cover a broader topic and are more in-depth in nature. They’ll require more time investment and usually include how to accomplish something using the HubSpot platform. Depending on the certification, users may need to pass a practicum applying their skills within their HubSpot portal. After passing that, a badge and certificate are available for LinkedIn.    


Are HubSpot certifications free?    

All of HubSpot certifications are  free resources meant to share the latest business trends from leading experts. However, some HubSpot certifications do require a practicum--designed to help you apply what you’ve learned directly to a client portal.    



Are HubSpot certifications worth it?   

As a leader in the sales and marketing industries, HubSpot has its own research team that consistently releases new studies on a variety of topics. This makes HubSpot certifications well worth it because they continue to update their certifications and courses based on the latest insights and research. With HubSpot Academy, you’re receiving high-quality research and knowledge to keep you at the top of your field.   

What are HubSpot Marketing Certifications?

 HubSpot Marketing Certifications revolve around certification courses in the digital marketing industry. From inbound marketing to content marketing to email marketing, HubSpot Academy professors teach you how to become an expert in the topic following industry best practices and then show you how to apply that knowledge to your clients—sometimes even requiring practicums for real-world application.    

HubSpot Marketing Certifications: 

Social Media Marketing Certification 
Inbound Certification 
Inbound Marketing Certification 
Content Marketing Certification 
Email Marketing Certification  
HubSpot Marketing Software Certification 
Contextual Marketing Certification 

What is the HubSpot Sales Certification?   

HubSpot Sales certifications teach you about the HubSpot sales software that they have developed. The sales methodology, referred to as Inbound Sales, provides salespeople training to provide contextually relevant content to their consumers instead of pushing them through a sales cycle to close a deal.    

HubSpot Sales Certifications: 

Inbound Certification 
Inbound Sales Certification 
HubSpot Sales Software Certification 
Frictionless Sales Certification 
Sales Enablement Certification  
Sales Management Training: Strategies for Developing a Successful Modern Sales Team   


What is the HubSpot Inbound Certification?   

HubSpot has two Inbound certifications: Inbound and Inbound marketing. While they may seem similar, these free courses have two different end goals.   



The Inbound certification teaches you the fundamentals of the inbound methodology. From the flywheel to the buyer’s journey and buyer personas, you’ll learn how to apply Inbound directly to your business. Courses include: setting business goals, creating a company purpose, and developing a buyer personas for your business.   

Inbound Marketing 

The inbound marketing certification focuses on specific implementation of Inbound techniques: planning a long-term content strategy, creating a blog posts, and outlining topic clusters and pillar pages. The HubSpot marketing software certification will give you the tools you need for client success. 

In What Order Should You Take HubSpot Certifications?   

There’s no specific order that you should take HubSpot certifications. Depending on your goals for using the HubSpot software, I recommend that most clients take the Inbound course first as it truly lays the foundation for a solid understanding of the inbound methodology that HubSpot has created. From there on, I’d recommend each department of your business being certified in their specialty:   
marketing = HubSpot marketing software certification; sales = inbound sales; design = design certification 

After that, it depends on how your business will use the software. Ideally, your business will be as certified as possible so that your HubSpot customers will benefit from your knowledge and expertise.  


What is the value of HubSpot certifications?  

HubSpot certifications show that you understand the core principles and the software itself. For those who work at HubSpot partner agency, there is great value in obtaining these certifications and listing them on your resume. When job hunting, other HubSpot partner agencies will see the value and the time that you’ve invested in the certification program and it may give you an edge over other candidates.  


Beyond that, HubSpot certifications keep your skills and knowledge of the platform fresh. Don’t forget that most HubSpot certifications expire after one or two years. So it’s important to reeducate yourself as the content has most likely changed since you originally took it the test.