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Why We’re Excited About What’s to Come for Episerver in 2017

Chris Osterhout SVP of Strategy
#CMS, #Episerver
Published on January 11, 2017

We look at three areas that make us excited about Episerver in 2017: the Ascend conference, integration of acquisitions, and expanded cloud offerings.

The world of technology moves quickly, especially in the modern online era, where we live in an always-connected digital ecosystem that incorporates mobile devices, social media, wearable computers, augmented reality, and a wide variety of information sources that are constantly fighting for people’s attention. For any website owner, it’s essential to ensure that the content management system (CMS) you’ve selected for your site will give you the tools you need to provide the best possible experience for your customers.

At Diagram, we believe that Episerver is the CMS platform that provides the most comprehensive capabilities on the market. This means that we pay close attention to any updates and announcements from Episerver. In 2015, much of the discussion had to do with the merger between Episerver and Ektron and what this meant to users of both platforms. 2016 saw the dust settle somewhat as a clearer picture of Episerver’s future began to emerge. Now, in 2017, we believe the future of Episerver is bright, so we wanted to highlight three things we’re excited about in the coming year:

1. The Ascend USA Conference

Episerver’s Ascend conference has always offered a great opportunity for Episerver customers (or prospective customers), partners, and developers to network and learn how to utilize the platform to achieve their business goals. Episerver didn’t hold a U.S.-based conference in 2016, so we’re excited that it is back on a standardized schedule.

This year’s Ascend conference will take place in Las Vegas from February 26-March 1, and it will feature a number of exciting speakers, including CNN’s Mel Robbins, Microsoft’s Scott Hanselman, Forrester’s Anjali Yakkundi, and FitforCommerce’s Bernardine Wu. We’re also proud to announce that the conference will feature sessions led by Diagram’s Allison Casey and myself. Stay tuned to the Diagram blog in the coming weeks for more information about what you can expect from us at Ascend!

2. Integrating Acquisitions Into the Core Platform

The latter part of 2016 was very exciting for Episerver, seeing the release of a number of new features, as well as the announcement of two acquisitions, Peerius and Optivo, that brought new capabilities to Episerver’s users. In 2017, I expect that we’ll see these acquisitions become more fully integrated into the Episerver product line, and we’ll begin to learn how these features are transforming the experience of Episerver’s customers.

A digital strategy that unifies multiple channels and provides the right information to the right person at the right time is essential for success in today’s digital world, and the integration of these systems into the Episerver platform provides website owners with the tools they need to do so. We’re excited to see how Episerver customers will be able to utilize these features to implement powerful personalization and campaign management strategies.

3. Continuing Expansion of the DXC

Episerver is a leader in cloud based offerings through their Digital Experience Cloud (DXC), and they are continually advancing their cloud capabilities. In 2017, some of the new cloud features that we’re excited to see added to the product include web application firewalls, web vulnerability scanning, and a regional deployment model.

These new features, on top of the already existing feature set of the DXC, will offer an additional level of scalability, security, and redundancy to Episerver’s cloud offerings, giving Episerver customers the tools they need to provide a great experience to their users.

In the past two years since the announcement of Episerver’s merger with Ektron, the platform has experienced a great deal of exciting new features and additional capabilities, and we only expect more great things to come in 2017. If you want to know more about how Episerver can become a foundational part of your successful digital strategy, please contact us. If you want to share your own predictions for 2017 or let us know what Episerver features you’re excited about, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

Image Credit: Created using Vector designed by Freepik