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3 Ways the Acquisition of Optivo Brings More Value to Episerver

Chris Osterhout SVP of Strategy
#CMS, #Episerver, #Events, #Digital Strategy
Published on October 12, 2016

Episerver has announce the acquisition of Optivo. We look at the value that this omnichannel campaign management brings to the Episerver CMS platform.

It’s an exciting time to be an Episerver client (or developer!). Hot on the heels of their recent acquisition of Peerius, a powerful personalization solution, Episerver has announced that they have acquired Optivo, an omnichannel campaign management provider. This addition brings an additional layer of sophistication to Episerver’s already substantial offerings in the CMS space.

As experts in Episerver development who also work regularly with marketing automation, we believe this new offering will provide some great features for Episerver customers. Here are 3 reasons we think site owners should be excited about Optivo:

1. It Bridges the Gap to Marketing Automation

We’ve found that many organizations have failed to successfully execute on their bigger marketing automation initiatives, and this is usually because of the complexity of their integrations or because they have created data silos between multiple systems. With the acquisition of Optivo, Episerver is now able to bridge the gap for site owners who need to implement marketing automation but haven’t been able to get started.

Optivo provides a great intermediary step for these customers, allowing them to bring value to their site’s visitors in a way that they haven’t been able to do previously. They’ll be able to provide relevant, contextual content to their customers, making sure that the right person sees the right information at the right time.

2. It Rounds Out Episerver’s Customer Communication Capabilities

In today’s marketplace, email remains an important channel for communication, and many companies are looking for a solution that allows them to engage with their customers via email in a meaningful way. For many, a service like MailChimp or Constant Contact is the answer, but since the customer information stored within these systems is isolated, this leads to data silos.

With Optivo, Episerver clients will be able to communicate seamlessly with their customers via email, bringing a more rounded strategy to their email communication from within the Episerver platform. Additionally, Optivo offers a full omnichannel experience that goes beyond email, allowing site owners to utilize channels like SMS and mobile push messaging to communicate with their customers even more effectively.

3. It Demonstrates the Health of the Episerver Platform

When an organization is performing multiple merger and acquisition activities, it is often a good indicator of their health as a company. By adding these new solutions to their already powerful CMS platform, Episerver is strengthening the offerings that they can provide to their customers.

In addition, Episerver’s new acquisitions align with our own personal philosophy of choosing the “best of breed” solutions. Rather than trying to build their own version of the functionality they want to provide to their customers, Episerver is acquiring the platforms that already provide the “best of breed” functionality. This is a great demonstration of the continuing value that Episerver customers can expect to receive when utilizing the platform.

Preparing for the Future

As with the merger between Episerver and Ektron, Episerver’s acquisitions are leading website owners to ask how this will affect their business and whether and how they can utilize these solutions to get the most value out of their digital strategy. Aligning your strategy across multiple interconnected systems can be complicated, but Diagram is here to help! Please contact us, and we’ll work with you to implement a strategy that seamlessly integrates your data throughout all of your digital channels and helps you maximize your ROI. We look forward to helping you achieve success in your digital efforts!