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Why We're Excited About EPiServer Ascend '15

Chris Osterhout SVP of Strategy
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Published on July 1, 2015

Learn why we're excited about the EPiServer Ascend '15 conference and why we think you should be too!

As long-time partners with Ektron, we religiously attended and sponsored Ektron's Synergy conference over multiple years, and we always found it to be a great experience and an opportunity to be part of Ektron's rich community of developers and marketers. Being able to get facetime with with Ektron personnel and other partners and learn about the strategies that other organizations were trying to implement on the platform was invaluable.

Since the merger between EPiServer and Ektron was announced, there have been questions about whether the combined company would be holding another event like Synergy, and a few weeks ago, our anticipation paid off with the announcement of EPiServer Ascend '15, which will take place from Sunday, November 8 through Wednesday, November 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We're incredibly excited about this conference, so we wanted to share 5 reasons you should be too:

1. The First Large-Scale Gathering for the Converged Platform

EPiServer Ascend '15 will be a huge gathering of Ektron and EPiServer's clients, developers, marketers, and strategists. While EPiServer's Roadshow events were a great preview of this type of gathering, the scale of this event will be an an entirely different level, and the possibilities it offers are thrilling. This is where we will learn the first fundamental shapings of the converged community. With all the excitement swirling about the converged product, this will be a great chance to take the pulse of the entire community, discover people's anticipations and concerns for the platform, and learn how we'll be able to help people meet new goals and address new challenges in the years to come.

2. A Truly Multi-National Conference

The merger of EPiServer and Ektron has resulted in a company that serves customers worldwide. With EPiServer originating from Stockholm, Sweden, and Ektron coming from New Hampshire in the United States, attendees will be coming from across the globe to interact with each other. We're excited to gain the perspective of both domestic and international clients and learn their attitudes about the future of the platform.

3. A Comprehensive Preview of the Product Roadmap

EPiServer Ascend '15 will be a place for EPiServer to provide detailed discussions of the short and long term roadmap of the platform. We're eager to learn about the features and functionalities that will be included in forthcoming releases and be able to learn as much as we can directly from the source.

4. Communication and Collaboration

With as much of EPiServer and Ektron's wider community in attendance, this will be a great chance to hear from EPiServer staff, EPiServer Most Valuable Professionals (EMVPs), partners, and customers about the strategies they are putting in place to move forward with the product. Discussing these new opportunities, plans, and challenges with people face to face will provide invaluable insight that will help the entire community move forward as we use the platform to create exciting new solutions for our customers.

5. Vegas, Baby!

In our opinion, the best Ektron Synergy conference was the one which took place in Las Vegas. If EPiServer Ascend '15 has a similar level of attendance and engagement, it will be a masive success that provides people with insights and opportunities for years to come. And that's not even mentioning all the fun that visitors will be able to have in the city itself!

With all the opportunities that EPiServer Ascend '15 will provide us, from learning more about the future of the platform to interacting with partners and customers, we're counting the days until we get to be there. If you're wondering whether to attend yourself or have any questions for us about how to make the most out of the opportunity, please don't hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below. We hope to see you there!