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The Diagram Team’s Takeaways from the Chicago EPiServer Roadshow

Matt Brady
#Episerver-Ektron Merger, #Episerver, #Ektron, #Events
Published on April 23, 2015

The Diagram team attended the EPiServer Roadshow event in Chicago, and we share what we learned and what has us excited about the future of the platform.

As a long-time partner with EPiServer and Ektron, we were excited to attend the EPiServer Roadshow in Chicago on April 21, 2015, and we didn’t come away disappointed. Several members of our team were in attendance, so we asked them to share what they took away from this great event:

Bill Casey:

"While there wasn’t much new information presented at the Roadshow that hasn’t already been discussed, it’s clear that the EPiServer team is really starting to coalesce under a single vision and message about the future. The bumpy, post-merger “get to know you” days appear to be declining, and what we’re seeing now is the unified and purposeful voice of the new EPiServer. This is crucial, as their focus needs to be less about how to combine two separate platforms and business models, and more about defining the evolution of Digital Experience and how EPiServer is positioned to succeed against the likes of Sitecore and Adobe. EPiServer appears to be looking ahead toward this future and a genuine sense of excitement and optimism is clearly evident. It’s going to be an exciting ride!"

Chris Osterhout:

"EPiServer and Ektron have done a great job integrating their teams and are focused on the path ahead. Their product roadmap represents a great understanding of the strengths of both platforms. Their extended features offer a level of sophistication to each platform that will bring their customers expanded value, yield higher ROI, and bring them one step closer to the converged product."

Rob Schall:

"The EPiServer Roadshow was a great event that showcased where the direction of the combined EPiServer/Ektron product is headed. It also provided some nice information on the company’s intention to continue providing support for existing clients using both the EPiServer and Ektron platforms. With a lot of uncertainty following the merger of the two companies, this was the most comprehensive list of information and planning provided to both partners and clients to date. There are still some questions as to how some of the new features being migrated to the sister platforms will be implemented, but knowing what their end goals are, I am certain that in time, we will have no problem implementing and supporting the final released product."

Brad McDavid:

"My main take away from the event is that the Ektron product will continue to see cumulative updates and patches for versions 8.7 and up for the next few years, with no rush for users to switch platforms as long as their feature sets make sense for their needs. The Ektron product will also see some great functionality added by EPiServer Find and Commerce which will happen during the extend phase."

Steve Stanley:

"As a Developer, I felt the Roadshow helped me better understand the path the company plans on taking for both long term product development and for the release of the Digital Experience Cloud this Fall. In particular, I appreciated the demonstration of EpiServer Find. Seeing the power it can provide for improving client experience through dynamic content sparked a lot of ideas!"

As the future of EPiServer, Ektron, and the Digital Experience Cloud becomes more clear, we are incredibly excited about the possibilities that the converged platform provides for our clients. Do you have any questions for us about how you can best use these platforms the get the most out of your digital strategy? Please contact us to speak with a Solutions Engineer, or share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo credit: Jon Kee, via Twitter