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Should You Go to HubSpot's INBOUND 2020?

Sarah Corley
#Digital Marketing, #News & Culture, #HubSpot
Published on August 27, 2020
Should you go to HubSpot's Inbound 2020?

Why INBOUND 2020 is a digital marketing conference you can’t miss! 

From working in our living rooms, to Zoom happy hours being the new normal, to wearing masks each time we are in public—one lesson that 2020 has taught us is flexibility—thanks to COVID-19.

A majority of companies had to pivot their business operations and digital marketing strategies instantly. Major conferences like IBM Think Digital, Apple, WWDC20, Adobe Summit, Facebook F8 went from in-person to virtual, making event planners everywhere scramble. INBOUND, HubSpot’s three-day marketing and sales conference annually held in Boston at the Boston Convention Exhibition Center, needed to change their strategy too.

For the first time ever, HubSpot’s INBOUND 2020 will be a virtual digital marketing event experience. On their homepage, the INBOUND 2020 team says that it “will go beyond simply broadcasting content sessions. HubSpot INBOUND 2020 will be more than a singular, individual experience. It will bring attendees together no matter where they are physically with connection, energy, personality, and excitement.”

So what does that look like? The cost of a usual HubSpot INBOUND annual experience ticket ranges from $99 to $1200 depending on which pass you purchase. As expected, your cost comes with different levels of access—from networking events to front row seats.

Since going digital, the new pricing has two options: a starter pass for free and a PowerHouse pass starting at $89. Looking for more information on pricing for the INBOUND 2020 conference? Reserve your tickets now.

"Our content types have been reimagined for the digital landscape, our speaker lineup is INCREDIBLE, the event is more global than it's ever been, and we've built in plenty of surprise and delight moments for attendees. Our goal through this creation process has been to drive the same energy, excitement, and connections that would take place in-person and ensure that they will still be felt deeply online. Our digital platform has been built from scratch for our attendees, and we can't wait for you to experience it."
-Heather White, INBOUND

So what does INBOUND 2020 now look like now as a virtual event? The agenda has officially been released with many educational breakout sessions. However, here are some cool new options that they’ve added:

Deep Dives
Live 90-minute sessions that are classroom style and go beyond the basics.

Dynamic Duos
Educational breakout sessions with two speakers!

INBOUND debates
Two speakers go head to head and will debate live on a specific topic.

Ask Me Anything
Bring questions and ask the speaker! Open dialogue is encourage as it relates to technical conversations.

Up Next
Business leaders share the stage and highlight emerging leaders in their industries.

HubSpot Case Studies
HubSpot Academy professors share case studies

Speakers answers pre-submitted questions sharing their work advice!

My Cheat Sheet
Experts share their tips and tricks for maximizing efficiency and managing priorities.

The Moment When
Speakers share their stories about those who have influenced their lives and careers for the better.

Connect in a group setting or 1:1 based on interests.

BookShelf Live
Share what you thought of sessions with other attendees.

Audio Only
The idea behind the following auditory sessions is to give attendee’s eyes a break.

Reflections: Topic
Up to 15-min mindfulness sessions to help you relax and re-energize before the next session.

Podcast Partnership
Your favorite podcasts, recorded live at INBOUND

You’ve Got This
Short sessions inspired by stories of resilience, adaptability and transformation related to global events that have shaped 2020.

With a variety of session times starting as early as 6 a.m. EST to late night sessions at 9 p.m. EST—the INBOUND conference team is working to make sure that their international attendees have a variety of session options.

Most sessions will be prerecorded and available to only PowerHouse passholders after the event. This allows for people to digest the content at their own pace instead of keeping up with the whirlwind that is the usual conference.

So if you’re asking if you should go to HubSpot’s INBOUND 2020, the answer is a resounding yes! With the $89 PowerHouse pass price point, variety of educational sessions, the ability to still network and meet up—INBOUND is embracing flexibility while still uniting its community digitally.

"We believe that events should create a shared moment in time that unites a community and create space for uplifting energy to percolate, enabling conversation and connection, allowing everyone to feel part of something bigger, something that’s worth getting excited about and rallying around, no matter the medium. That’s the secret sauce that has always made INBOUND special and as we think about how we are going to deliver INBOUND via this new, online, immersive experience, creating a way for this to happen is top of mind for us." - Kim Darling, VP INBOUND


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