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Robots, Shoes & Community: Insights and Inspiration from INBOUND 2016

Katelyn Ahern Digital Project Manager
#Inbound Marketing, #Events, #Community
Published on November 10, 2016

Diagram's team shares their experiences at the INBOUND 2016 marketing conference, including the speakers we've heard and the people we've connected with.

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This week, three members of Diagram's marketing team are attending the INBOUND 2016 conference, and while the event is still going strong, we've already gained some exciting insights and had some great interactions with other members of the Inbound Marketing community! We wanted to share our thoughts about what we’ve learned so far:

Allison Casey:

I was stopped today by a woman asking to take a picture of my shoes. “It's for our #Shoesofnbound social campaign,” she told me (a great hashtag campaign by @charmlab).

So it's simple: this interaction is why I love INBOUND. There’s so much creativity on display and so many community-minded marketing folks that are here to be inspired and to connect with others. People are here to learn how to be better at their jobs and to explore innovative marketing and sales ideas. Whether it's learning how to amplify content through paid media, as taught by Larry Kim, or “How a robot could create your content” by Carmen Simon (wait, what? Robots!?), INBOUND is the best marketing and sales conference, period.

Katelyn Ahern:

INBOUND is always my favorite time of year! Not only does INBOUND cater to all levels of education in Inbound marketing, but it also offers the inspiration to push you to think outside the box. INBOUND so far has been a power-packed week of education on Inbound Marketing, and being surrounded by marketers who are all just as passionate about creating remarkable marketing is incredibly inspiring. The cherry on top of the inbound conference is seeing your favorite marketing rock stars up close and personal. Hearing from Gary Vaynerchuck, Brian Halligan, and Dharmesh Shah on the current and future landscape of marketing has been an amazing experience! 

Sarah Corley:

INBOUND has been an amazing experience so far, and I've learned so much from the great speakers. Some of my top highlights have been Salma Jafri talking about upcycling content, Rachel Happe speaking about building community, and Alexia Vernon's inspiring words about women's leadership.

The thing that I'm loving the most about the conference is the big picture element that I'm receiving. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the little details and forget about the larger world going on around us. And when that world includes 20,000 other people wanting to learn and grow along with you, it's incredibly powerful!

We're excited about putting the insights we've gained from INBOUND 2016 into action, and the conference isn't over yet! As we continue to build our inbound marketing skills, we'll be sharing our knowledge and experience here on the Diagram blog, so please stay tuned! If you want to know more about how we can help you find success with inbound marketing, please contact us. We look forward to using what we've learned to help you build a great digital strategy!