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Optimizing Your Landing Pages: A Reason to Re-visit Your Content

Katelyn Ahern Digital Project Manager
#Digital Marketing, #Inbound Marketing
Published on April 24, 2014

Learn about why you should look at updating your landing pages to best serve your audience and several aspects to consider revising.

As marketers, we can get caught up in our daily tasks and constantly creating new content, but it is vital to return to old content and make sure you are keeping it fresh and compelling for your audience. One area of your marketing efforts to be sure to revisit are your landing pages. This can especially help to ensure you are getting the best possible return from all your hard work on your content offers. The challenge comes when you sit down and have to decide which aspects of your landing pages to modify for better results. Let's take a look at several areas of your landing pages that you might want to consider revising.

1. Headlines and titles

Make sure your title is clear on what the offer is and how specifically this pertains to the audience. This may make the title longer but more precise in its messaging. Revisiting your landing pages every couple of months can help you realize a new way to present an offer in a better light. Make sure you are clear in your messaging first and foremost; it may benefit you to have a fresh pair of eyes take a look at the landing page.

2. Clearly define offers

Make sure that you clearly define what the offer is that visitors will receive (for example: an ebook, a webinar, a downloadable tip sheet, etc.). Also, in order to ensure that your messaging caters to your audience, use the vocabulary that aligns with their industry. This can be the difference between someone understanding what the offer is and getting totally lost in jargon. In order to make sure that you're using the proper wording, have someone who works in another department, a family member, or a friend read the landing page and tell you what they think the offer is. Again, this will ensure you are not losing your audience in your messaging.

3. Niche offers

When you revisit your landing pages, much like with an overall content audit, you may find that you have a lot of offers for a certain persona or a certain stage in the buyer's journey. First, I recommend filling any holes in these categories of landing pages. Furthermore, I encourage you to evaluate whether your content is serving a broad audience or a particular group. While there are times when serving the broader audience may work out, I urge you to create several content offers for more specific audiences. You have to remember you are asking for personal information from these visitors, and in order for them to see the value in your content, it must be extremely relevant to them. This strategy may get you less leads, but the ones that do convert will be more interested in the content you are providing, and thus they will be more likely to be interested in your services and products. You may find that taking a broad topic and making it more specific will generate more qualified results.

4. Forms

Another thing to consider in regards to asking visitors for information is the form you are asking them to fill out. Make sure the length of your form is not scaring your leads away. Align the length of your form with the depth of your content offer. This should all be aligned with which stage of the buyer's journey your content is intended for. For instance, you wouldn't require a brand new visitor to fill out much more than 3-4 fields. Make sure to keep these things in mind and adjust your form length when necessary. Don't forget to track the new metrics and see how this change has affected your conversion rates in order to make further adjustments in the future.

5. Value

Along with the proper messaging and an appropriate form length, when you revisit your landing pages in order to optimize them for the best conversion rates, I recommend making sure that the value of your offer is precisely clear. Also, be sure to align the value with the particular audience you are catering the page to. Is this content valuable to certain group of people, but useless to others that end up here? Then some revisions need to be made; the content should provide solid value to all the visitors that end up on this page. If that’s not the case, then I would suggest creating different offers which have value for different segments of the audience you are driving to this landing page. Cater your content to each audience in order to provide the maximum value for each visitor.

There are many aspects of landing pages that are worth adjusting in order to keep your content fresh and conversion rates high. I want to stress one prerequisite before you go out and start mass adjusting your landing pages: do not make more than one or two changes at a time. Why do I recommend this? While your pages may benefit from several adjustments, if you make them all at once, you won’t know which adjustment had the greatest effect on your metrics. Be cautious and thoughtful when making changes to your landing pages. Do you have any questions on how to adjust your landing pages to keep them fresh? Leave us a comment below or contact us and we would be glad to chat about it.