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HUG Recap: Evolving Your Customer Success Strategy to Fuel Growth

Sarah Corley
#Events, #HubSpot
Published on July 20, 2018

We recap the lastest Chicago HubSpot User Group featuring HubSpot's VP of Customer Success, Alison Elworthy.

The Chicago HubSpot User Group met up for the third month in a row to talk about marketing, sales, design and all things orange. Stephanie and I were able to have HubSpot’s VP of Customer Success, Alison Elworthy, come to speak on how to evolve a customer success strategy to fuel company growth.


To continue to add value to our downtown meetups, Stephanie and I wanted to do something extra special for our HUG members. So, we teamed up with fellow HUG member and photographer, Zeke Dolezalek, to offer professional headshots. I love opportunities to highlight the talent of our fellow HUG members, so look for more fun events like this in the future (or reach out if you have an idea).

Stephanie and Sarah

As professionals in marketing/sales/design, our jobs require us to be flexible in a constantly changing industry. Customer success has always been important; however, customers are more informed than ever because of technology and that has caused a huge shift of power from businesses to consumers. In fact, 81% of customers trust the advice of family and friends over businesses.


HubSpot’s recent shift from the funnel to flywheel has been highlighted in numerous blogs and resources from HubSpot Academy. In Alison’s presentation, Chicago HUG members were given a 3-step roadmap on how to invest in customers to achieve solid ROI and new growth as a company.

From Funnel to Flywheel

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 11.37.18 AM

The flywheel is a new way of thinking about how customers interact with your business at every stage.

Happy customers are the biggest growth opportunity of 2018. HubSpot sums it up best, "Every interaction your company has with a customer -- from that very first website visit to their latest interaction with a customer service representative -- shapes how they view your brand, and ultimately, what they tell the world about you." Using teamwork, data-driven analytics, and switching to proactive mentality will set up your team and customers for success and continued growth.

The next Chicago HubSpot User Group meet up will be an Inbound 2018 recap. To get the latest information about our events and meetups, subscribe here.