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How Fancy Must my Video Marketing Content Be?

Doug Miller
#Digital Marketing, #Inbound Marketing, #Video Marketing Strategy
Published on November 10, 2015

Just how fancy does your video marketing content need to be, anyway? Can't you just improvise your way through it? We'll find out by talking to Greenroom Video and David Hunter.

Oh you think you fancy

Bringing video into your content marketing strategy certainly brings a whole new storm of questions. One of the first is likely to inform many to follow. Just how fancy does my video need to be, anyway? Can't I just jump in, start making content and improvise the rest? That’s exactly the direction we’re headed in this week’s episode of OMG Video Marketing Strategy.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had the chance to explore a couple of interesting questions with some folks with valuable expertise. In our first episode with Jen Knoedl, we talked about using video testimonial as a great entry-point to adding video to your content strategy. Then we had the chance to hear from someone who has made a career out of understanding the ins-and-outs of YouTube culture, Amy Schmittauer. She helped us learn about staying true to the tone of the platform and how to use an addictive structure to video content, among other things.

This week, we’ll be holding a conversation with Western Chicago Suburb Video Production Specialists, Greenroom Video and their founder, David Hunter. Hunter’s experience with improvisational comedy and video artistry have helped him assist companies and organizations find compelling stories to represent in a video context. We’re going to talk about that improv connection and the value a little improv training can bring to your marketing efforts, as well as to talk about production value as a concept.

What is production value?

In a word, how fancy is your video? Is it well lit? Is there good sound? Does it appear to have been shot using an expensive camera or a first generation iPhone? Are there obvious editing touches? Is there music?

Production value includes everything it takes to make a video seem polished and the needs for it can range from the simple to the complex depending on the specific goals for the video content. We’re going to unpack what some of those specific goals might be and how to meet them.

Won’t you join us Wednesday for more conversation? #OMGVMS

Watch below: