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Five Posts About HubSpot and Sales Strategy You Might Have Missed

Doug Miller
Published on July 12, 2017

We revisit some of the awesome posts our team has put together recently about HubSpot as it relates to your sales strategy.

This summer, I've been going through some of the blog posts from our team you might have missed and bringing them together for you into one place so that you can see them without having to search for them. This week, I have chosen to focus on some of the posts our team has put together around HubSpot as it relates to your sales strategies. 

Most of these posts were written by Dan Sitton, our Solutions Analyst. If you don't know Dan, you should reach out to him today. He's happy to chat about Diagram services. As Diagram's Solutions Analyst, Dan looks for specific opportunities and partnerships between Diagram and other companies, working to help these potential and/or current partners to identify pain points in their digital strategy and presence with the goal of finding long-term, sustainable solutions.

12 Advanced HubSpot Tools – And How to Use Them

First in our list of five, Dan writes about some advanced HubSpot tools you may not already be using. While many organizations are familiar with the core of HubSpot’s marketing automation functionalities - forms, emails, landing pages, etc. – we’ve found that people are often are unaware of the tools available within HubSpot that organizations can use to increase the ROI of their digital strategy.

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HubSpot Spring Training: Building Sales Fundamentals

Second, in this post that circles back around about some HubSpot fundamentals, Dan uses his love of Baseball to show that sales success can come from being firm on the basics and discusses two key elements, equipment and approach. After all, spring training in baseball is for working on fundamentals: basic skills and repetitions needed for success throughout the season – from practicing a swing, to fielding ground balls, to locating fastballs. While success is measured through statistics, wins, and championships, it is built on fundamentals. Just like baseball, sales is also built on fundamentals. Sure, we measure sales success by statistics like revenue, pipeline, and closed deals. But to find any level of success, a sales team needs to be well grounded in the basics.

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Using HubSpot for Account-Based Sales

Third, if you have been paying attention of late, you'll know that everybody is talking about the "account based" methods, for sales, marketing, service, and a number of other areas. In this post, Dan breaks down the basics of Account-Based Sales as it relates to HubSpot.

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10 Tips for Using Sequences in the HubSpot CRM

In the fourth post, Dan provides ten tips for using a powerful tool in the HubSpot platform. This tool allows a person to send a string of messages without having to go back and schedule each individual message. For similar types of messaging, each can be easily repeated along the sequence for each persona. The individual is unenrolled from the sequence when they either respond to an email or are manually unenrolled. 

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Building a Sales Process Around the HubSpot CRM

In the final post you might have missed that we're curating back to the surface around HubSpot and your sales strategy, Dan brings together a holistic approach to the sales process and the HubSpot CRM and points out that simply using it is no guarantee for success. There are some great tips for how to build out your strategy with HubSpot CRM in mind. Without a strategy or sales processes to provide a framework for how your sales team interacts with your prospects and tracks their progress through the end of the Buyer’s Journey, Dan mentions that you risk ineffectiveness and inconsistency. 

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I know there are some really great tidbits in each of these posts, but if you have additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Dan for more. Also, don't forget to subscribe in order to get weekly email digests of content that comes from all of our subject matter experts via our blog. We try to write at least a couple each week, and this digest is great to stay on top of what's new with HubSpot, Episerver, and a host of other related topics.