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Top 5 Episerver CMS Posts You May Have Missed

Doug Miller
Published on June 6, 2017

We know you are busy, so we took the time to assemble some of the posts we think are super useful, just in case you missed them when they were originally published.

If you have spent any time with anyone from our team at Diagram, you would figure out pretty quickly that we have a very deep bench when it comes to staff skilled in CMS platforms like Episerver and MAP platforms like HubSpot. As a result, our blog ends up being a great repository of information and contains posts from a variety of subject matter experts. But, who has time to dig through a who history of blog posts looking for useful information? We know you are busy, so we took the time to assemble some of the posts we think are super useful, just in case you missed them when they were originally published.

To kick things off, we're bringing back a post from way back in January of 2016 via our VP of Business Strategy, Chris Osterhout. If you've not read any of the blogs Chris writes, but you are in charge of any kind of website migration, upgrade, or redesign involving any kind of CMS, you'll absolutely want to check out some of what he's offered over the years. Ranging from the specific, involving CMS platforms like Ektron and Episerver, to the universally applicable, like digital strategy in general, Chris has taken each of the experiences he's had helping all kinds of clients solve digital challenges and poured them into our blog.  

In this post, Chris lays out some essential facts around an item that was a pretty big deal in the CMS world, the merger of Ektron and Episerver CMS platforms. We still serve quite a few clients who are running the Ektron CMS platform, and have helped others navigate migration, whether it be into Episerver or a Marketing Automation Platform that has CMS features, like HubSpot. Episerver itself made very clear during Ascend in 2017 that there are no plans to discontinue the Ektron CMS platform, so we predict this collection of "10 things to know" should remain useful for quite some time to come.

10 Things Ektron Customers Should Know about Episerver


Chris Osterhout

The second post we're bringing back to the surface comes from even earlier and is related to the first. It was also written by Chris and was posted shortly after the Ascend conference in 2015, where many people got their first looks at some of the awesome functionality of Episerver. Obviously, once Ektron and Episerver merged, our team started fielding all sorts of questions around the merger and also began the process of just introducing people to the Episerver platform in general. One of the awesome things we like to share with clients about Episerver has to do with the ability to personalize content so that each user that comes to your website has an experience that most closely matches what they need and are looking for in your digital content. This post outlining some of the questions we've heard real clients ask in real situations is a great collection for any organization who has yet to take the leap toward using the technology of their website to provide personalized user experiences.

Answering Questions about Personalizing Content in Episerver


Chris Osterhout

Migration can be a challenge no matter what platform you are leaving or moving into. We always do our level best to provide whatever help we can to make that process go more smoothly, no matter the circumstances. As a result, our team often finds themselves in a situation to point out questions that should be asked BEFORE the migration process begins, rather than after. Technical Project Manager Eric Rickert brings the skills he uses every day with clients like listening, translating, and communicating technical details to non-technical stakeholders, to bring great insight to our blog. He demonstrates those skills in this next post by pointing out four essential questions your organization needs to ask itself before considering a migration project.  

Considering a Migration to Episerver? Answer These 4 Questions First


Eric Rickert

Episerver logo

The next post you might have missed that may be worth a look is from Diagram's Product Manager, Brad McDavid. Brad works to keep Diagram's team and clients up to date with the ever-changing technology landscape and to define the standards to which we develop and build any digital properties we create for them. Brad uses his expertise to create software packages such as Diagram's HubSpot-Episerver Connector, that are available even to customers who don’t utilize Diagram’s website design and development services. He brings those skills to the blog as well, as can be seen in this essential list of things that any organization that uses their digital properties for commerce should consider heading into a project.

5 Things to Consider During eCommerce Website Development


Brad McDavid

Finally, we know that, among our current clients, there is a wide array of comfort levels with technology. Sometimes we work with teams in Marketing who are charged with the content that goes in their website, but who rely on us to do some of the technical heavy lifting when it comes to their digital strategies, as they don't have the technical support in-house. Other times, there are organizations we work with who have technical teams in-house who are charged with managing and maintaining digital properties that we help design and build. Those people often look to our skilled staff to give them guidance when it comes to some of the more technical challenges faced day to day as a digital property lives and grows. As a result, from time to time, our subject matter experts in web development will share the tricks of their trade to the world free of charge, as is the case in this essential Episerver Developer Tutorial from Dustin Sier, Diagram's team member and Ektron and Episerver MVP. 

Episerver Developer Tricks: Creating a Custom Quiz Module

https://blog.wearediagram g.com/episerver-developer-tricks-creating-a-custom-quiz-module

Dustin Sier


We're proud of our team of subject matter experts, and we know that their contributions to the greater discussions about our industry are chock-full of valuable insight for all sorts of situations that you and your organization might be facing right now or will in the future. If you find any of this material useful, you will want to SUBSCRIBE today to get weekly updates from our team, so you don't miss a single post. Do you have specific topics you'd like to see our subject matter experts cover? Let us know in the comments below or via social media!