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Five More Episerver Posts You May Have Missed

Doug Miller
Published on June 13, 2017

Five more Episerver posts you might have missed including some takeaways from Ascend 2017, a developer guide to forms, and answers about Episerver DXC.

We have a very deep bench when it comes to staff skilled in CMS platforms like Episerver and MAP platforms like HubSpot. As a result, our blog ends up being a great repository of information and contains posts from a variety of subject matter experts. We know you are busy, so we are taking some time this summer to assemble some of the posts from the past you might have missed that we think are super useful, just in case you missed them when they were originally published.

In this curated list of posts you may have missed about Episerver, I'll start with something a bit more recent, but super important. Every year, Episerver holds Ascend and 2017 had some great things going on that helped build our excitement. Our CEO, Bill Casey, often contributes to our blog and gave this great write up around Ascend 2017 including thoughts on the past, present, and future since the merger with Ektron. He also includes some handy takeaways from the conference and lists out the good and not so good.

Episerver Ascend 2017: Building Excitement for Episerver's Future


Bill Casey

Our VP of Business Strategy, Chris Osterhout, finds himself fielding lots of questions from day to day. Whether it is about digital strategy in general, or specific questions about Ektron and Episerver, migrating your current website into a new platform, or picking a new web technology to help meet your business goals, Chris has the experience and insight to help guide organizations of many different shapes and sizes. As a result, the next three of this week's "five posts you may have missed" are from Chris. In first post below, Chris outlines some of the questions that he's answered in the field so that you too might benefit. Specifically, he's painting more detailed images about the Episerver DXC or Digital Experience Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service).

Answering Questions About Episerver’s DXC Service


Chris Osterhout

Picking a platform for your next website migration involves more than understanding the bells and whistles of the features that some technologies can offer. It takes a technological mind to understand and predict some of the challenges that you will face when navigating those waters. Because Chris has a deep understanding of the technological underpinnings of these systems, he is better able than some to help you find the solution that is right for your organization, and to outline the different advantages and disadvantages, from a technological point of view, of your options. The next two posts express exactly that by addressing options that come up in many digital projects from staging environments and the interconnected necessities that are required by Content Management Systems, to the ways in which those environments react uniquely to specific demands like ecommerce.

5 Ways Episerver Eliminates the Need for a Staging Environment


Chris Osterhout

3 Questions To Answer Before Moving To a New eCommerce Platform


Chris Osterhout

Finally, we don't just have a deep bench of technological expertise at Diagram. We like to share that expertise with the broader community as much as we can. That's why you are just as likely to read about a particular development strategy on our blog as you would be likely to read about challenges that face less technologically advanced individuals facing digital strategy challenges. As Product Manager for Diagram, Brad is responsible for keeping DIagram's team up to date with the ever-changing technology landscape and define the standards to which we develop and build websites, and he shares that knowledge with you through our blog.

Implementing Episerver Forms: A Developer’s Guide


Brad McDavid

We're proud of our team of subject matter experts, and we know that their contributions to the greater discussions about our industry are chock-full of valuable insight for all sorts of situations that you and your organization might be facing right now or will in the future. If you find any of this material useful, you will want to SUBSCRIBE today to get weekly updates from our team, so you don't miss a single post. Do you have specific topics you'd like to see our subject matter experts cover? Let us know in the comments below or via social media!