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Ektron and Episerver: Thinking About the Future

Chris Osterhout SVP of Strategy
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Published on March 22, 2018

The future of the converged Episerver/Ektron platform has become clearer, should Ektron users begin planning to migrate to Episerver?

When the news that Episerver and Ektron would be merging into a single company broke in January of 2015, speculation flew about what the converged CMS platform would look like. We’ve followed the news closely-- looking at the features that each platform can offer to the other, and whether Ektron customers will need to migrate to Episerver. Now that the future of the converged platform has become clear, we want to take a look at where things stand, especially for Ektron customers. If your website currently utilizes the Ektron CMS, what should you be thinking about now?

Think About Your Overall Digital Strategy

It’s important for every organization to outline their digital strategy, which encompasses all aspects of their online presence, including their website, social media, and any other connected systems. This strategy also needs to include measurable goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are essential for determining the success of the digital strategy and whether any changes or adjustments need to be made.

If you’re currently utilizing the Ektron CMS, you need to understand whether it will continue to be able to fulfill your needs and help you meet these goals. You should also consider whether you will need a more robust, fully integrated eCommerce solution, and whether you need more advanced third party integrations such as an ERP or PIM. If Ektron is unable to fulfill these needs, you may need to step up to the more robust digital experience offered by the Digital Experience Cloud.

Think About Budgets and Timeframes

Migration from one CMS platform to another requires a fair amount of planning, including fiscal budget allocations, resources, and time. In our experience working with multiple clients, migration can be a multi-year process that involves formulating an overall digital strategy which involves not just CMS technology, but also content, SEO, and marketing. Creating a detailed plan for this migration project, including budgets and timeframes, is essential for ensuring its success.

Fortunately, migrating to a new platform provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate what you currently have, what is needed, and how you would like to structure things going forward. In addition, make sure to plan for training, which can often be forgotten in the midst of a migration. Training content editors, administrators, and developers on the new platform will ensure that they are able to use it successfully to meet the goals of your digital strategy.

Think about Attending EPiServer Ascend

The Episerver Ascend conference, is a huge gathering of Ektron and Episerver clients, developers, marketers, and strategists. Attending this conference is a great opportunity for anyone considering a migration from Ektron, since many resources will be available. Everyone from Ektron and Episerver staff and partners will be there to help you determine your path to success. If you’re curious about what to expect, we recently published a recap of the 2018 conference

The Benefits of Migration

It’s important to keep in mind that Ektron isn’t going anywhere. If you aren’t yet ready to migrate, that’s okay; you’ll still be able to operate your site on the Ektron platform and receive the support you need. However, you should still be thinking about migrating, since doing so will provide the following benefits:

  • Getting the most out of your existing investment.
  • An enterprise CMS that has a continuous release process.
  • A simplified editor and personalization experience that will streamline the time to market on your digital strategy.
  • A truly integrated content and commerce platform.
  • Control of your digital strategy in a fully integrated manner that was not previously possible.

Do you have any questions about migrating from Ektron to Episerver or how to prepare for implementation of the Digital Experience Cloud? Do you want to know how Diagram can help you formulate your ideal digital strategy? Please contact us to speak to a Solutions Engineer. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your CMS investment.