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Shoup Manufacturing

E-Commerce Overhaul

An upgraded website using Episerver with custom ERP integration helped Shoup Manufacturing increase eCommerce orders on their guest checkout process.


Create an accessible and connected e-commerce site on a robust, scalable platform that connects Shoup to their clients, grows revenue and delivers an exceptional buying experience. 


Upgrade the website using Episerver with custom ERP integration, create and implement a marketing strategy to engage new prospects, re-engage existing customers, and measure ROI.   


Today's farming industry relies on technology to keep our farmers working and our nation fed.

Manufacturing, marketing and distributing thousands of replacement parts and accessories for leading farm equipment manufacturers, Shoup looked to Diagram to help modernize and optimize their e-commerce operations.   


Front End Development

Mobile Friendly

While a brand new look and feel wasn't necessary, the previous website had major accessibility issues for mobile users.  The Diagram team completely re-built the front end display to be fully responsive and viewable on any major device or screen type.   


Platform Build

Optimizely E-Commerce

With thousands of products needing to be available on the site and the need to tie directly into a backend ERP system, Optimizely was the clear choice to replace Shoup's outdated CMS platform.  In addition to built-in best-in-class e-commerce functionality, we also created a guest-checkout option which had previously limited the number of overall transactions. 

Marketing Strategy

HubSpot Automation

The Diagram marketing team created a new marketing automation strategy, powered by HubSpot, to allow the Shoup team to run ongoing marketing campaigns, track visitors, and re-engage potential clients who had abandoned shopping carts.  In order to boost traffic, a new PPC strategy was implemented with more focused ad spends and closed loop reporting to track ROI. 


Return on Investment

Since the launch of the new e-commerce website, Shoup has seen a dramatic increase in traffic, orders and overall return on investment from their paid ad spend.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in orders through guest checkout


Paid ad ROI