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Chicago HUG recap: Aligning as an Inbound Business

Sarah Corley
#Events, #HubSpot
Published on May 7, 2018

We recap the Chicago HubSpot User Group featuring a workshop from HubSpot Academy's Lindsay Thibeault on Aligning as an Inbound Business.

One of the greatest HubSpot resources is HubSpot Academy—a worldwide leader in marketing and sales education by providing free digital training. This month, my co-HUG leader, Stephanie and I were lucky enough to have Lindsay Thibeault from HubSpot Academy fly down to host an interactive workshop for the Chicago HubSpot User Group.

Lindsay_Thibeault_HubSpot Academy

One of Lindsay’s recent projects was launching the new Inbound, Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales certifications. The updated Inbound certification now focuses on how one can adopt an inbound approach to their entire organization. Lindsay spoke to #CHIHUG members on Aligning as an Inbound Business.

Inbound Business_Brian Halligan

Inbound is human, helpful and holistic and solves for the customer first. While buying behaviors haven’t changed, technology has—which means that it’s imperative for organizations to provide value throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

Here are 3 ways that the buyer’s journey can help align your teams:

1. For marketing, the buyer’s journey can help create content at every stage.

2. For sales, it can be used to better understand how to sell and guide prospects.

3. For services, it’s a resource to fully develop a customer’s journey.

Lindsay’s whole presentation emphasized the importance of inbound extending to every aspect of your business.  She also included an incredibly helpful “madlibs”-style worksheet to help our HUG users better understand and define their buyer personas. The evening wrapped up with each user creating a hero statement for their company.

Lindsay’s knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for inbound was infectious. I’m confident our HUG members left with a solid plan to help align their businesses towards an inbound approach.

The next HUG is developer focused and will meet June 20 in Naperville, Illinois, at a local brewery. More details will be coming soon—in the meantime, subscribe for updates to stay in the loop.


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