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3 Scoops of Vanilla, please!

Jim Tremmel
#Hosting, #Events
Published on February 24, 2014

Learn all about Diagram's new Vanilla Hosting product of affordable and robust Linux servers.

Vanilla?! You’re probably wondering if Diagram has gone crazy and now is offering Ice Cream. But no, with our new Vanilla Hosting product, we believe we are adding something better to our current Hosting lineup, even better than Ice Cream. Vanilla Hosting is our line-up of affordable and robust Linux servers. We chose to use this as the name of our brand, because it allows you to start with a basic server and then you can add more options on top of it, just like you would an Ice Cream Sundae or Banana Split.

With Vanilla Hosting, the servers will be located at our world class Data Center with the enterprise level support that we have always provided on our Hardware, Power, and Bandwidth. Clients will have their choice of a Linux server, starting out with the amount of RAM that most hosting companies consider their high end servers. Our lowest plan will come with 16GB of RAM. We chose this amount and higher, knowing that the web applications of today require robust severs, which is what we aim to deliver.

There will be plenty of “toppings” available, including whether you want a control panel, scheduled backups, or other services that may be needed. We want the client to be in control of their servers, just as they are in control of their business. We have spent a lot of time selecting the services, plans, and servers that make up Vanilla Hosting, because we want this to be an offering we are proud of that fits a need in the market place. Each client is unique, and the Vanilla Hosting offering is designed to customizable in order to meet each of those unique sets of needs. When you order ice cream, you may want one scoop of plain vanilla, or you might load a bucket up with the most toppings you have ever seen. We want to provide you with those same options for your hosting environment. In the end, you want your data hosted by a heavily secure and agile host. You want to know your host can handle business traffic and has a caring support department. With Vanilla Hosting, that’s exactly what we will provide. Do you have any questions about specific options or details? Please contact us or leave a comment below.