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The Diagram Family

Jennifer Barangan Director of Talent Support
#News & Culture
Published on December 8, 2017

What's it like to work at Diagram? Diagram's Jen Baranagan shares quotes from our team about our company culture.

We are family. The Diagram Family. It is a statement I use every time we interview a potential candidate for an open role and I use it all the time in the office. Our culture here at Diagram is based on the idea that WSOL feels like your “home away from home.” 

WSOL staff

I feel like the best way to “talk” about our culture at Diagram is to hear it straight from our employees. So I asked a few of our employees, across all departments to share how they feel about working at Diagram.

Deb Smith, sales: “My fellow employees are my second family and many of us enjoy time together outside of the office. When we’re not socializing in our spare time, it’s always fun to come to work and catch up on what’s happening in their home life."

Jeni Mickalovski, client services: “I enjoy working here. I feel like I am part of something great, unlike every place I have worked before. I matter, I have a voice and feel like I belong. Diagram is family oriented, many perks that help to make me feel I am part of a family rather than just a worker. I look forward to going to work and miss it and the people when I am not here.” 

Our full-time employees spend at least 184 hours per month at the office (or remote office) in the company of their fellow coworkers. So we feel it’s very important that our employees feel like working at Diagram provides an environment where they truly enjoy the people around them.

It’s also important us that the office space itself is welcoming with fun and flexible to options for workspaces. We recently just remodeled our conference room space and instead of a big, boring conference table we put in smaller, collaborative spaces and comfy chairs. I love walking by and seeing groups of people working, collaborating and creating great things. It has become the new hang out place for our staff. We like to call it “The Living Room” which is so much better than “the Large Conference Room.” 


The Living Room at WSOL

Kendall Smith, design and development: “Working at Diagram feels more like a hobby to me than actual work most of the time because it’s basically just a group of people who are really creative and intelligent in their own different ways coming together to figure out the best way to build something."

AJ LaPorte, marketing: “Diagram encourages, supports, and challenges their employees to constantly strive to be the best possible person they can be in their professional and personal life. They also care about their employees and treat/view you as family. It's the kind of place where you wake up in the morning and are excited to go to work."

Sarah Corley, marketing: “We have each other over for Netflix binge marathons, go to flea markets and frequently try new lunch places together. I love Diagram because they just get it—the flexibility to take off for a doctor’s appointment or to work from home for the day, are all major parts of overall workplace happiness. But it's more than just that. Life happens and Diagram accommodates because they fully trust their employees. From my perspective, a lot of the mentality here is about empowering employees and then just letting the magic happen. Diagram is a phenomenal place to work and I’m so proud to be employed here.”

We always try to make sure that all of our employees feel that as part of the family, they have a voice and input. From helping to decide what healthy snacks we offer in the kitchen, to what coffee beans we use in our coffee maker, to influence on larger decisions on client projects (and everything in between), our employee’s voices do count and employees really feel empowered in their jobs here.

Kevin Apgar, design and development: “Working at Diagram, for me, has been enlightening to say the very least. I work with a team that is incredibly collaborative and supportive and values my input and does not judge me for my opinion even when I judge myself. My direct supervisors don’t just “lead from the hill,” as it were. They are, instead, down in the scrum with their team leading the charge with a full knowledge of the projects on which we’re working and are able to provide insight and solutions instead of just telling us to “figure it out.”

John McKiIllip, design and development: “Diagram is a great place to work. There are tons of opportunities to learn and grow and be challenged. We are a diverse group of creative, talented and driven people. I feel really lucky to be a part of the WSOL team.”

Just like a real family, Diagram is not perfect. Understanding those imperfections and how we can work through them is a key part of my job. What I feel makes Diagram stand apart as a great place to work is our constant drive to be better and do better – for our employees and our clients.