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A/B Testing Ideas for Paid Social Media Ads
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A/B Testing Ideas for Paid Social Media Ads

A/B testing your paid social media ads can help improve the results of your campaigns. Whether it’s more clicks, conversions or improved engagement, we’ll teach you how to craft the ideal a/b test for paid social ads.


It's Almost 2019: What Should I Do With My Ektron Site?

As the calendar year turns over, many organizations are taking a look at their digital infrastructure to see if there are any major needs as they plan for the rest of the year. To help ensure the continued growth of your digital strategy, the beginning of the year provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate your Ektron site - including the ROI it provides and to identify any risks.

Posted by Dan Sitton on 12.11.18 Topics: CMS, Episerver, Ektron