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3 Essential Elements for Your Social Media Profile

Sarah Corley
#Digital Marketing, #Inbound Marketing, #Social Media
Published on June 17, 2015

Learn the 3 things to include in your social profiles to ensure success in your social media marketing.

My favorite part of watching award shows like the Academy Awards, the Grammys, and the Emmys has always been the red carpet. In fact, sometimes I only tune in for the celebrity red carpet moments. Usually, these awards shows are some of the biggest nights in television, and the whole world is watching. Similarly, your company’s social media profiles are in the public spotlight too. However, instead of having one night in the limelight, your social profiles work hard every day! Here are 3 essential elements for social media profiles to ensure that they are always red-carpet ready.

Your Logo as Your Profile Picture

Make sure your company logo is the profile picture for all your social media accounts. This simple step creates visual brand continuity across your social media profiles. Visual brand continuity means that you try to have a consistent and recognizable look throughout the variety of social networks and channels. It establishes instantaneous trust, because your customers will recognize your brand immediately. Each social platform has different image dimension recommendations, so make sure that each profile picture, header, and/or cover photo is high resolution and has its best foot forward.

An Accurate Company Description

The about section on Facebook, bio section on Twitter, and summary section on LinkedIn are places where you’ll need to write a brief and clear company description. Spend time doing this, just like when you craft your social media messages. Besides your photo, the about description is usually the second place a user will look for information about your company. Have fun when writing your bio, but remember that it should be an accurate representation of your company. On LinkedIn and Facebook, you even have the option to add some basic contact information. Make sure your users know how to find you.

A Link to Your Company Website

This is the crucial last step to setting up your social media profile! If a user wants to know more information about your company and you don’t have a website URL in the about us section, how will they find you? Put your company webpage link in your profile. It’s an easy way to bring interested customers to your site where they can learn more about you, and maybe even buy your product!

Following these must-haves for your social media profiles will ensure that your customers will recognize your brand through your profile photo, know who you are by your company description, and know where to find you on the web. Your social media profiles are always in the spotlight, so make sure they have the essential elements for success, and they’ll be red-carpet ready.