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CMS Migration Services

Are You Planning to Migrate to a New CMS or Redesign Your Website?

Our #1 tip is to plan carefully before you flip the switch on your new platform.


CMS Migration Services

We’ve migrated hundreds of websites to a variety of Content Management System (CMS) platforms and have prevented countless headaches and sleepless nights. The good news is that your website migration can be a seamless transition. You just need to mitigate the risks and plan the migration process carefully to minimize downtime. 

Our CMS migration services are designed to help you avoid common pitfalls and give you a solid foundation focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance, content strategy, user experience, and building digital agility. 

CMS Evaluation and Selection

Don’t Settle—Select the Best! 

Selecting the right CMS is crucial for supporting your long-term digital strategy. We provide expert guidance in: 

  • CMS Evaluation: Helping you choose a CMS that aligns with your specific business needs and goals. 
  • Strategic Planning: Outlining a clear migration strategy that includes both migration and redesign objectives to optimize digital impact. 

Pre-Migration and Redesign Planning 

Avoid Pre-Migration Pitfalls with Expert Planning 

Lay the groundwork for your CMS migration through comprehensive audits and strategic planning.  

  • SEO and Content Audit: Analyze SEO metrics and content value to prepare for a successful transition aimed at improving your search engine rankings. 
  • Analytics Optimization: Enhance your reporting capabilities to ensure accurate performance tracking post-migration. 
  • Website Redesign Framework: Establish design principles and user experience enhancements that complement the new CMS and enhance your online ecosystem.

CMS Implementation and Setup 

Technical Excellence—The Core of Your Digital Strategy 

Build a robust and scalable foundation with our comprehensive approach. 

  • CMS Configuration: Configure and tailor the CMS to meet your technological and business needs, with an emphasis on scalability and metadata management. 
  • Technical Architecture: Design a secure and adaptable backend framework that accommodates both current and future digital requirements. 

Content Strategy and Migration 

Don’t Fall into the Content Migration Trap 

Integrate and optimize your content with a step-by-step strategy. 

  • Content Optimization: Revise and enhance content to improve alignment with the user interface, boost SEO, and increase user engagement. 
  • Content and Data Migration: Not all of your website’s content can be scripted, so let's develop a comprehensive migration plan and seamlessly transfer your content to the new platform, ensuring data integrity and accessibility. 

Design Implementation and User Experience Enhancement 

Design That Delivers—More Than Just Aesthetics 

Implement design changes that resonate deeply with your audience. 

  • Creative Design: Employ modern design principles to significantly enhance visual appeal and user engagement. 
  • Usability and Accessibility Overhaul: Ensure the site is intuitive and accessible to all users, complying with the latest standards. 

System Integration and Optimization 

Seamless Integration for Flawless Performance 

 Enhance your digital ecosystem by integrating essential systems and functionality. 

  • APIs and Third-Party Integration: Ensure seamless communication between your CMS and essential services. 
  • Performance Optimization: Boost your site’s speed and responsiveness to meet modern user expectations. 

Launch Preparation and Quality Assurance 

Launch With Confidence—No Surprises 

Prepare meticulously for a successful launch. 

  • Pre-Launch Testing: Conduct extensive testing across various devices and browsers to ensure flawless functionality. 
  • Launch Strategy: Develop a comprehensive migration project plan that ensures a smooth transition and effective new site launch. 

Post-Launch Analysis and Continuous Improvement 

True Return on Investment (ROI) Can Only Be Measured Once the Website is Live 

Maintain and enhance your new site with ongoing support. 

  • Post-Launch Monitoring: Quickly address any issues and optimize user experience based on real user feedback. 
  • Continuous Improvement Strategy: Develop a continuous improvement plan that adapts to user needs and embraces technological advancements while maintaining organic traffic flow. 

CMS migration planning got you down? We can help. 

Check out our expert guide to CMS platform migration planning and set up your migration for success. 

View Migration Guide

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