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WSOL Launches Mockerly, a New Mocking Automation Platform

Matt Brady
#News & Culture
Published on April 1, 2016

In our special April 1st announcement, WSOL launches a new product designed to assist people in their online mocking efforts.

Mockerly_logo.jpgOver recent decades, the internet has become more and more important in our daily lives, with online interactions as varied as emails, text messages, and social media offering the opportunity to connect with others. But while this has led to unprecedented levels of interconnectivity, one area that more and more people wish to take advantage of is the desire to mock. In the highly charged 2016 political campaign, we've seen this play out repeatedly on multiple levels, with everyone from presidential candidates, to journalists, to Joe Sixpack taking to a multitude of channels to attack and belittle each other. But what if you could do all of your mocking in one place, without the need to maintain multiple steams of sarcasm and vitriol? That’s why WSOL is launching our new product, the Mockerly Mocking Automation Platform, which will allow you to plan and schedule the perfect putdowns and comebacks exactly when they are needed.

With Mockerly, you can maximize the ROI of your Digital Mocking efforts by leveraging the power of social media, email campaigns, and automated workflows that utilize state of the art technology to make sure your mockery gets in front of the right people at the time that it will have the most impact. The need to maintain different levels of mockery across multiple channels will no longer be necessary; Mockerly puts all of your agression in one place, allowing you to coordinate your mocking efforts for maximum impact.

“For too long, inbound marketing has been focused on positivity,” said Allison Casey, WSOL’s Digital Marketing Director. “We believe that negativity has just as much place in today’s online discourse, and Mockerly will allow the online community to balance the scales. We’re excited to see how our users, especially politicians, are able to leverage the platform to put as many people as possible in their place.”

To learn more about the robust capabilities of the Mockerly Mocking Automation Platform, please visit www.mocker.ly. We look forward to working with you to reach new heights of mockery, ridicule, and contempt!