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Is Threads the Next Twitter?

Ryan Casey
#Digital Marketing, #Social Media
Published on July 27, 2023

As Threads continues to gain momentum in the social media realm, it stands as a compelling contender poised to rival Twitter and reshape the digital landscape.

What is Threads? 

In July 2023, Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, introduced Threads, a new social media platform that has quickly garnered attention and is poised to rival Twitter (rebranded to X as of 7/25). With Twitter facing its fair share of social and financial challenges, Threads enters the scene as a fresh contender, attracting over 100 million users within a week of launching. As industry experts and users alike engage in discussions, it's becoming increasingly evident that Threads has the potential to dethrone Twitter and reshape the social media landscape. 


The User Experience of Threads  

Threads presents a user interface that bears a striking resemblance to Twitter's layout, deliberately embracing familiarity for users transitioning from the popular platform. The scrolling feature, where text posts and images appear in a vertical timeline, closely mirrors Twitter's renowned design. This similarity allows Threads to appeal to existing Twitter users and facilitates an easy transition for those seeking an alternative platform. When scrolling through Threads, it is easy to forget you are not on Twitter, as the user interfaces are so remarkably similar. This familiarity not only creates a sense of comfort but also encourages vibrant conversations through reposting and replies under each post. Threads successfully captures the essence of Twitter's renowned "town square" feeling, where individuals freely express their ideas, opinions, and art in a neatly packed feed, fostering a dynamic online community. 

While Threads maintains a visual similarity to Twitter, it also distinguishes itself through some notable differences. One significant departure is the absence of a trending feature, which sets Threads apart from Twitter's emphasis on real-time conversations and trending topics. Additionally, Threads does not incorporate direct messaging (DM) functionality, a staple of Twitter's communication system. Instead, the focus of Threads remains on public posts and engaging with content within a broader context. Furthermore, Threads lacks a draft function, which Twitter users have come to rely on for composing and editing their posts before sharing them with the world. 


Instagram Connection  

One of the most intriguing aspects of Threads is its inherent connection to your Instagram account. To access Threads, an active Instagram account is mandatory, ensuring a seamless integration of your existing followers. The power of this feature lies in its ability to import your Instagram followers directly into Threads. For brands, this translates to an incredibly low barrier to entry, as they no longer must painstakingly build a following from scratch. Instead, they can tap into their pre-established follower base, allowing for instant engagement and exposure on the platform. 



One pressing question on everyone's minds is what advertising will look like on this platform. As of now, Threads does not allow ads, but considering its ownership by Meta, it is reasonable to speculate that ads might soon become part of the equation. This impending shift opens doors for organizations to strategize and prepare for their advertising impact on Threads. 

With Threads being tightly connected to your Instagram account, a crucial aspect of devising effective advertising strategies lies in understanding that your follower base will largely overlap with your Instagram audience. This synchronization creates a valuable advantage, allowing brands to tailor their ads towards a familiar set of users, thereby increasing the chances of resonating with their target demographic. Yet, for brands looking to extend their reach and cultivate a dedicated Threads presence, the challenge lies in attracting their existing Twitter audience to this new platform. Successfully transitioning followers from one platform to another demands creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of what captivates and engages their audience. 



As Threads continues to gain momentum in the social media realm, it stands as a compelling contender poised to rival Twitter and reshape the digital landscape. With its familiar user interface, Threads draws users in, making them feel right at home while encouraging vibrant conversations and creative expression. Its strategic integration with Instagram offers brands an unparalleled advantage by instantly connecting them with their existing follower base. However, as the platform evolves, the impending question of advertising looms on the horizon, signaling a new era of opportunity and challenge for marketers and organizations alike. Threads' rise marks an exciting chapter in the world of social media, where innovation, adaptability, and user engagement will determine which site ends the era dominated by Twitter.