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Inspiration and Anticipation from EPiServer’s 2014 Partner Summit

Bill Casey CEO & Partner
#Episerver, #Events
Published on August 6, 2014

Diagram attended the 2014 EPiServer Partner Summit, and we came back with some inspiration and excitement. Learn what we and other experts found out.

On July 30, EPiServer held their 2014 Partner Summit in Chicago, and some of Diagram's development experts were in attendance. We were excited to meet with other partners, hear speakers talk about digital marketing and eCommerce, and learn about the continuing evolution of the EPiServer platform. Here is what we took away from the experience, along with some from some other experts we polled:

Bill Casey:

This year’s EPiServer Summit was a day-long, information-packed gathering of partners, clients and special guests. While the topics of each session varied, there was a common focus on using technology to excel in providing outstanding customer experiences. Keynote speaker, Peter Shankman, entertained the audience with his humorous discussion about nailing customer loyalty in the digital age by doing the little things right and avoiding the big mistakes other companies make. Other sessions reinforced this theme by showcasing how EPiServer can be used to build successful online experiences to grow your business as well as delight existing customers.

As for the EPiServer line of products, the excitement and anticipation about the future was clearly evident. EPiServer, already a big CMS name in Europe, is making significant inroads into the US market and has an eye on becoming the leading e-Commerce integrated CMS available. With EPiServer Commerce 7.5 about to hit, EPiServer is poised to realize tremendous growth, and we at Diagram are excited to be a part of this through our expanding partnership.

Chris Osterhout:

The EPiSERVER Summit has once again offered great insight into where the EPiSERVER product is going and where their product management team is focusing over the next year. The summit had one running theme: “Do everything you can to provide the best possible experience for the customer regardless of their touchpoint or channel.” This theme was consistent throughout the presentations and product roadmap, indicating that the connected consumer is and will be a driving force for both EPiSERVER and the industry partners for years to come.

Other Experts:

"Attending EPiServer Summit was a great experience. I loved learning from all the developers about the internal QA and release management processes at EPiServer. I came away very confident in the platform and where it is headed."

– Aaron Stanley King, Director of Application Development, Foundation648

"The Connected Customer was front and center at the 2014 EPiServer Summit last week. As an 18-year brand marketer, I’m a real die-hard for the Customer POV. Now, more than ever – it’s essential for brands to embrace this approach in their go-to-market efforts.

"Connected Customers are empowered – with just a few taps of their thumbs or a click of a mouse, they’re broadcasting powerful messages about our brands, products and services to their ever-growing social networks. Their words carry a lot of weight and they are either our biggest advocates, or adversaries.

"Thriving brands will embrace the empowerment of the Connected Customer. In order to do this well, we must first derive our go-to-market strategy from the Customer POV and be prepared to iterate and evolve along the way. Customer behavior is changing and technologies are emerging at an unprecedented pace. It’s an imperative that we subscribe to technologies that enable our go-to-market. The EPiServer solution is second to none in helping brands lead in the digital space – an open, agile and scalable platform that fully integrates CONTENT + COMMERCE across all channels."

-Donna Pahel, Director, Digital Marketing & eCommerce Strategy, EPiServer North America. Connect with Donna: @HapaGirlPgh; or LinkedIn

At Diagram, we're excited about the possibilities the EPiServer platform offers, especially in the innovative way it allows for the integration of content and commerce. Are you interested in finding out how you can use EPiServer to create a better experience for your website's users and drive eCommerce sales? Please contact us to speak with an EPiServer expert, or feel free to leave any questions you might have in the comments below.