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Hello World, We Are Diagram

Bill Casey CEO & Partner

Published on May 2, 2019

After nearly 25 years in business we knew it was time for a brand refresh. We are excited to share with you our transformation from WSOL to Diagram.

WSOL is now Diagram! 

Hard to believe, but in 1995, there were only 23,500 websites online.  When we started WSOL, we made it 23,501. 

Today, the web hosts over 1.6 billion sites (we built more than a few of those).  The world has evolved, and so have we.  It’s high time for a refresh.  

We thought long and hard about what we do and why we do it.  We build amazing digital experiences for clients we love.  Together, we’re on a journey to help the web reach its awesome potential. 

And every journey needs a map. Every website, a blueprint.  A plan. A Diagram. 

DIA_CoreMark-BLK-RGB (1)

Behind the Name

Simple, flexible, rational and creative, "Diagram" demystifies the process. It is ripe with potential for meaningful symbols, marks and iconography. It functions as both noun and verb—the decisive, initial act of creation and an invaluable resource for communicating intent and ideas across time and disciplines.  

The Logo

The "Collaborative Spark" symbolizes the spark of an idea, the result of putting minds together to discover creative solutions to the most challenging problems.  The intersecting lines also symbolize our multi-disciplinary approach that is centered on solving for our clients and achieving the success they aspire to.  

More than a Name Change

As we launch this new phase in our history, we’re changing more than just our name. In fact, we’ve been changing quite a bit over the last few years. We’ve changed how we engage with our clients, moving from a traditional design and development service-oriented approach to building lasting partnerships where we are deeply involved in strategy, planning and consulting. We’ve also expanded our expertise in digital marketing allowing us to create holistic solutions that address the full range of business needs including campaign strategies, analytics, paid media, SEO and more. We’ve reorganized ourselves into account teams so we can align a dedicated, cross-disciplinary team focused on long term needs and results for each client. And we’ve changed ownership – we’re still a family-owned company but it has been passed to a new generation.

It's About Our Story

All of these changes led us to realize that our old brand was no longer serving us well or reflecting who we’ve become. We needed something that not only told our story today but would continue to tell it for years to come... and we also needed a brand that was both pronounceable and didn't make us seem like a radio station.

Diagram is a fresh start but also a continuation of 20+ years of doing what we love. As Diagram, we will push the boundaries of what a successful digital presence looks like. We won’t be bound by existing conventions or constrained by any single technology. We will push the web closer to realizing its awesome potential with client partners that understand the value and necessity of a quality digital presence.

We’re excited about this next stage in our evolution as a digital agency and our ongoing partnerships with our valued clients.

Thank you for coming with us on the journey. Let’s keep making amazing things together.