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Healthcare Intranets: Problems and Creating Success

Bill Casey CEO & Partner
Published on July 22, 2013

WSOL's latest eBook "Healthcare Intranets: Exploring Common Problems and Creating a Path for Success" is based on our vast experience in the healthcare industry and offers solutions to the main pain points involved in intranet implementation.

Intranet eBook DownloadHaving been in business for nearly 18 years, we've gained quite of bit of experience in a variety of industries and developed numerous solutions to meet the challenges facing our clients. The lessons learned throughout these years have helped define what we do and guides our process today.

Our latest eBook, "Healthcare Intranets: Exploring Common Problems and Creating a Path for Success", details some of the problems we've seen and resolved for our healthcare industry clients' intranets and lays out a framework for building your intranet the right way.

Diagram's experience in the healthcare industry includes projects with large and highly renowned hospitals employing a staff of thousands to local community hospitals with much more limited resources and requirements. We've seen a wide variety of problems with design, technology, resources, and user adoption; hurdles that can be overcome with proper planning and a refined understanding of what it takes to create and maintain a truly successful Intranet.

This eBook addresses common concerns and issues related to:

  • content catastrophes, search frustrations and accessibility issues
  • fostering stakeholder consensus within an organization
  • internal or external hosting decisions
  • key strategy tips based on our implementation services for both large and small hospital systems

If you have any plans to build or rebuild your intranet, download this eBook for some insights and guidance to help you start down the right path.