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Top Five Best HubSpot MAP Posts From Our Blog You May Have Missed

Doug Miller
Published on June 12, 2017

We do our best to stay on top of all things HubSpot as partners here at Diagram. Here are five posts you may have missed where we discuss how HubSpot helps growth.

It is no secret that we are huge fans of HubSpot around here. Not only is it a great Marketing Automation Platform, but it has some serious chops as a Content Management System as well. It is also a great tool for keeping your overall digital content strategy in check with features like content calendars, social listening tools, and some powerful analytics and reporting. Our team goes out of their way to learn as much as we can about HubSpot and how it might help you accomplish your business goals and that comes through in our blog. I know you've got lots on your plate, so I took the time to round up five of our HubSpot-specific posts that I think are super valuable in case you missed them. 

Top_5 _Best_HubSpot_MAP_Posts_From_Our_Blog_You_May_Have_MissedJust as I mentioned in my recent post about Episerver blogs you might have missed, Diagram has some very smart subject matter experts. Hopefully, this collection of posts gives you a good introduction to them and allows you to see the value their content can bring to your strategy. Whether you are an existing HubSpot user (PSA: if you are, make sure to check for your local HubSpot User Group) or just starting to look at Marketing Automation Platforms (also good to go to a HUG meeting), there will be posts you'll find that meet your needs. 

To kick things off, one of the things we like the most about HubSpot is that they understand the value of integrations. Their APIs are robust and we've made use of them to help our clients best deploy HubSpot solutions in their own technological ecosystems (let's be real, legacy systems exist and we often help clients deal with that). Our own Digital Marketing Director, Allison Casey outlined five of those integrations that HubSpot was great for all the way back in August of 2015. A few things have changed since then, but much remains the same including integrations with Wistia. Our own HubSpot connector has evolved over time as well, so make sure you ping us if you've got one of those "legacy systems" you'd like to make better use of in a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP).

5 Must-Have HubSpot Integrations


Later, in September of 2016, Senior Marketing Strategist, Katelyn Ahern, put together a post that outlines some great use cases for a very important aspect of any Marketing Automation Platform, the Call to Action (CTA). Specifically, she talked about using HubSpot's Smart CTAs and gave five examples of when it would be a good idea to use them. Some of the ideas include personalizing content based on mobile-friendly user experiences, looking at the buyer's journey, and thinking about event attendees. 

When Should You Use HubSpot’s Smart CTAs? 5 Use Cases for Success


Having a presence in social media has gone from novelty to necessity in recent years, and yet organizations often have problems figuring out exactly what their social business strategy is going to be. An essential part of that process involves understanding some data about different social aspects of your business in digital platforms. One of the things that HubSpot does that can help is to provide reporting around social activities related to your content and presence online. This information should inform your social media strategy. As a Marketing Specialist for Diagram, Sarah Corley works with social media in HubSpot and makes great recommendations for clients. That often comes through in her blog posts, including this one that is packed full of great screenshots from HubSpot's social reporting tool.  

3 Ways HubSpot's Social Reports Tool Can Guide Your Social Media Strategy


HubSpot is a uniquely versatile tool and has become more so over time, but the core of HubSpot's usefulness to a business has always been about growth. Because HubSpot is such a versatile tool, it is no surprise that they have evolved to include not only Marketing Automation and Content Management, but also Customer Relationship Management (CMR) functionalities. Our Solutions Analyst, Dan Sitton, recognizes this and it reflects in this post he wrote about the HubSpot CRM back in July of 2016. Your organization's sales team will benefit from this outline of the three stages that your customers will go through in their buying process and how understanding that info can be aided by using the HubSpot CRM. 

Building a Sales Process Around the HubSpot CRM


Finally, one of our design team members wrote this excellent post about a concept that HubSpot introduced called "growth driven design". As I mentioned above, despite all the different functional versatility within the HubSpot universe, the core of their usefulness has always been and will likely always remain centered around growth for your business. This post is a great primer for the topic of growth driven design, what it means, and how it might help your business meet its goals. Are you looking at a website re-design or migration? Take a look at this post from AJ Laporte about growth-driven design in a HubSpot context.

Is Growth-Driven Design the Best Approach for a Website Project?


We're proud of our team of subject matter experts, and we know that their contributions to the greater discussions about our industry are full of valuable insights for all sorts of situations that you and your organization might be facing right now or will in the future. If you find any of this material useful, you will want to SUBSCRIBE today to get weekly updates from our team, so you don't miss a single post. Do you have specific topics you'd like to see our subject matter experts cover? Let us know in the comments below or via social media!