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Level 10

Website Redesign and CMS Migration

Using HubSpot CMS to rapidly deploy a flexible, cost-effective solution.


Level 10 needed a website that accurately represented their brand which could be deployed quickly and eliminate the maintenance burdens of an outdated CMS.


Diagram redesigned and migrated the website to HubSpot CMS with agile design prototyping and an expedited time-to-market project plan.


Level 10, a retail IT service provider based outside of Chicago, faced challenges with its outdated CMS platform and the need for a more accurate representation of their brand and service offerings.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Level 10 to evolve its business rapidly, including products and services they offered, requiring an expedited time-to-market on website changes. This case study outlines how Diagram helped Level 10 redesign and migrate their website to the HubSpot CMS platform, reducing cross-training dependencies between the marketing teams and content teams, and solving for time-to-market, technology, and costs.

Client Needs

Level 10 needed a website that accurately represented the evolution of their brand and service offerings. Their legacy website design was dated, difficult to maintain, and did not showcase their professionalism and breadth of services. Furthermore, the CMS platform was discontinued and no longer supported, creating stability and security concerns. With limited time and resource availability, Level 10 needed a new website platform that didn’t require constant software updates, an expedited time-to-market on website changes, and a reduction in cross-training dependencies between marketing teams and content teams.

Before - outdated design and unstable platform
Before - outdated design and unstable platform


The COVID pandemic required rapid changes to Level 10's business, including the products and services they offered, requiring an expedited time-to-market on website changes. Additionally, Level 10's current CMS was out-of-date, the cost to upgrade the website yielded little to no ROI, and the CMS did not support the types of features the client needed for rapidly evolving their business. The level of investment in this online evolution was at the forefront of the decision-making process, given the COVID pandemic's impact.

After - a feature-rich, modern design on a flexible CMS
After - a feature-rich, modern design on a flexible CMS

Our Solution

To solve for time-to-market, technology, and costs, Diagram conducted a holistic review of Level 10's near-term and long-term business requirements. We concluded that a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider would be the best solution to solve for the technology and cost-related business requirements.

Diagram and Level 10 worked together in selecting HubSpot CMS as the ideal solution to meet each of Level 10's challenges and provide the best long-term platform to grow with. HubSpot CMS is not only a SaaS platform, but it also allows for rapid template development. This enabled Diagram to execute a rapid prototyping agile project plan. HubSpot also solved for Level 10’s cross-training issues, as the HubSpot Marketing Automation Platform was already familiar to their marketing team members.


The project was completed in 1/3 of the time and at 1/3 of the investment for a traditional CMS platform migration and redesign project. Level 10 has been able to scale their online service catalog in a fraction of the time compared to their previous platform. The HubSpot CMS SaaS platform eliminated the need for software updates, allowing the Level 10 marketing team to focus on running their business rather than managing their technology stack.

Our team's innovative approach to Level 10's website redesign resulted in a cost-effective, agile, and efficient solution that met their unique needs. By choosing the HubSpot CMS platform, we were able to help Level 10 scale their online presence quickly and effectively, enabling them to better adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic.