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EPiServer Find Adds New Functionality to Help Drive Conversions

Matt Brady
#CMS, #Episerver, #Inbound Marketing
Published on May 20, 2014

Learn how EPiServer's new add-on can automatically target specific groups of visitors and improve search to increase your ROI.

EPiServer recently announced a new expansion of their CMS called EPiServer Find (available along with many other modules in the EPiServer Add-on Store), and it looks to be an exciting update that allows site editors and marketers to target content to specific groups of users, guide visitors to the content they are looking for through search, and increase conversions through robust campaigns, landing pages, and analytics. Let’s look at some of the new capabilities that EPiServer Find provides:

Automatic Landing Pages

Landing pages are an essential step in the inbound marketing process, allowing for the capture of lead information, but creating multiple landing pages for different audiences and search terms can be incredibly time consuming. EPiServer Find allows you to create your landing pages and forms automatically through content tagging, letting you specify long tail keywords and target landing pages to different search terms with minimal effort. These “super targeted” landing pages allow you to drive organic traffic for a large number of search terms to your site without having to duplicate your efforts over and over, and you can personalize the experience for different visitors based on what they are searching for.

Adaptive Navigation

Adaptive Navigation

EPiServer’s robust Visitor Groups functionality allows for the creation of targeted content, and EPiServer Find makes this process even better, using content tagging to automatically display relevant content to different visitors based on their browsing behavior, the search terms they have used, or any combination of other factors, including location, time of day, and previous purchases. Combining this functionality with inbound marketing strategies (including the creation of Personas and leading visitors through the Buyer’s Journey) allows you to turn your site into a powerful tool for engaging your audience and driving sales.

Guided Search

EPiServer Statistics

EPiServer Find provides rich analytics that allow you to immediately act on trends and suggestions, and one of the best ways it leverages this functionality is through the use of Guided Search. By tracking the queries that users make on your site and their behavior as they search for the information they need, you can use autocomplete, synonyms, and related queries to help make sure visitors are finding relevant information. EPiServer Find even learns from visitors’ behavior; combining this smart, adaptive technology with your own knowledge of what visitors might find relevant allows you to turn your site search into an engine that drives visitors to exactly the information they need, resulting in greatly increased conversion rates.

Research shows that visitors who use on-site search have a higher conversion rate that is twice as high as that of visitors who don’t use search, so you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure your search functionality is driving users toward the information they need. EPiServer Find is a great tool for doing so, allowing you to leverage your existing content and target it to specific visitors for maximum effectiveness. If you want more information about EPiServer Find, it is available in EPiServer’s Add-on Store, where you can request a demo. Do you have any other questions for us about how you can use EPiServer’s functionality to drive conversions on your site? Feel free to leave a comment below, or contact us to speak with an expert.