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After Your Landing Page, What’s Next?

Matt Brady
#Digital Marketing, #Inbound Marketing
Published on January 20, 2014

What happens after your landing page? Keep the relationship engaging with newly converted leads by following these simple tips.

A key part of the inbound marketing process is converting website visitors into leads, usually by capturing their contact information in return for the download of an offer like an ebook or a webinar. This requires the use of a landing page, but one thing you might not have considered is what comes immediately after that landing page. The newly converted lead is excited about what you have to offer, so how can you make use of that enthusiasm to engage them further? Here are a few tips for how you can follow up your landing page and encourage your leads to learn more, communicate with you, and share your content with others:

Use the “thank you” page to offer more information

We’ve all seen confirmation pages after filling out forms that simply say “Thank you,” and maybe include a link back to the home page, but this page is a great opportunity to point someone who is already excited about what you have to offer toward more information that they might be interested in. You can link to blogs that contain information they might find helpful, include a call to action (CTA) for another related offer, or provide them with contact information in case they want to get in touch with you directly. Rather than sending them away and hoping that they get back in touch with you later, you can keep them engaged and get them more excited about your products or services.

Send a confirmation email that encourages further contact

Similar to the “thank you” page, a confirmation email can be a rudimentary acknowledgement that a visitor has filled out a form, or it can be an opportunity to connect further with them. You can provide them with a link to the content they signed up to download, include contact information in case they want to get in touch with you for more information, and provide them with a follow-up CTA for related offers. Making this email something of a “personal” touch by acknowledging their excitement about the offer you provided for them and encouraging further contact lets them know that they’re not just another name on a list, but rather someone that you want to connect with.

Encourage sharing

In both the “thank you” page and confirmation email, you should be sure to provide links to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, since a visitor who is excited about what you have to offer will want to share it with others. Social media is a great way to drive further traffic (and future leads) to your site, so you want to be sure to leverage the enthusiasm people have about your products and services and encourage them to let others know what you have to offer.

These are just a few possibilities for what you can do immediately after somebody signs up for one of your offers. Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!