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Diagram Views

A Day In The Life of Diagram

Nicole Osterhout Agile Process Manager
#News & Culture
Published on October 25, 2013

In the technology world, there are a wide variety of people that make up each company. Learn about the Diagram dynamic and how we collaborate as a team.

In the world of technology, you can have a wide variety of people that make up your company. Almost a “High School” scenario, you can have a selection made up of:

  • Young, hip “techies” that know all the latest and greatest (Freshmen).
  • CIS Majors, which follow instructions and make nice money (Jocks).
  • Modern Day Da Vinci’s, which can create the world’s beauty using just a mouse (Art students).
  • “How can I help you”, client services destined souls (Drama Club).
  • Financially sound individuals that see the bottom line, through all the mess (Math Club).
  • Project leaders that want to be liked by everyone and tell everyone what to do (Popular Group).

I am lucky enough to work in a company where we have a little bit of everything and some a mix of more than one group. Diversity in any company is strength and Diagram is very strong. There will always be multiple opinions and views on how business should be run, what clients to choose, even how to answer the phone. But that is what makes it so great! There is no right or wrong way, rather “How does this decision reflect in our company culture?”

Right now at Diagram, it is an exciting time where our culture is being redefined everyday. With the addition of new staff and the ever-changing world of web technologies, we are constantly able to rethink process and procedures, while still keeping true to our core values. Having a culture that is fluid allows employees to grow and change without the fear of rejection. This is essential to the longevity of any company, in any industry.

Diagram Culture

So what is Diagram’s Culture? This is not a one worded answer or a philosophical paragraph describing the meaning of life, it is the actions that we make as a company that reflect our core values. A familiar TV theme song is playing in my head, as everyone knows your name here. We are invested in your work ethic as well as your personal happiness. Without a balance of both, it can create an environment of tension, animosity, and even high turn over. The value of having all levels of employees invested in each other’s self worth defines how a good company becomes a great company.

Now to be clear, there is always a time and place for personal vs. business. However not all company’s think about both when making decisions that affect the bottom line. “Business is business and personal is left at home”, is a perfect way to kill office morale. Knowing that the COO thinks about his employees' lives and how a decision is going to affect it shows compassion in a world in which it is immensely lacking. This does not mean asking everyone just to ask, but rather using people’s strengths and experience in topics of business that they may have more knowledge in. This shows that trying to make the best decisions for the company can come from any level, not just upper management.

I am proud to be a part of the Diagram family. I am accepted for all the knowledge that I bring to table and encouraged to continue my learning each day. My fellow employees offer help with first hand experience and see it as a growing opportunity, rather than a nuisance. I am always welcome to oversee meetings or listen to calls, to better Diagram and myself. As a new member of the team, I am honored to write about my experience so far and excited to see how each part of our "High School" adds to the company.