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3 Ways EPiServer Social Reach Helps Simplify Your Social Media

Allison Casey Digital Marketing Director, Partner
#CMS, #Episerver, #Inbound Marketing, #Social Media
Published on November 25, 2013

Social Reach, one of many EPiServer Add-ons, can customize your CMS to help power your social media strategy. Find out how Social Reach can help your strategy here.

These days, it’s not enough to just publish content on your website; you’ve got to get it out where people can see it. While quality content will always be a high priority, it’s becoming just as important to use social media to share your content with users who might find it useful. Unfortunately, keeping track of the different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (not to mention Google+, Tumblr, or the next popular site to come down the line) can be confusing. What you really need is a tool that lets you keep track of your different channels and share content as you publish it. And that’s exactly what EPiServer’s Social Reach add-on does. Here are three ways Social Reach can help you streamline the way you share your content across social media channels:

1. One Place to Update All Channels

Social Reach allows you to create a separate channel for each Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile you use, and then post messages to one or more channels at the same time, personalizing them however you like. Setting up channels is a simple process, and you can configure access rights to determine which users are able to publish to which channels. You can even schedule messages to publish at a certain date and time, ensuring that your content is shared exactly when and where you want it. By providing one central location to control your social media channels, you don’t have to worry about what has been published where or by whom; it’s all available right in one place.Social Reach SS Settings

2. Measure the Traffic of Your Social Campaigns in Real Time

Social Reach keeps track of measurements such as re-tweets, comments, and likes, and it uses Google Analytics to track clicks and conversions, providing an overview of how people are reacting to the content that you share across your different channels. This allows you to see how your social media campaigns affect your site’s traffic, and it gives you the tools to engage with your users across all the different channels you use. Having all this information in one place offers great advantages to measuring your social media ROI for each channel. This also gives you the capability to make adjustments to your strategy quickly based on real time results.Social Reach EPiServer

3. Easy Installation and Maintenance

Social Reach is available for one-click installation in EPiServer’s Add-On Store for EPiServer 7.1 CMS users, and it is easy to configure. You can add each of your channels with a few clicks and set access rights for different users, and then once the channels are set up, you’re ready to share your content and interact with your users in all the ways your various social channels provide. It’s a simple process, and any changes or additions you want to make in the future are easy and intuitive.

Social Reach takes what can seem like a complicated web of information and puts it all in one place, allowing you to manage your social media presence alongside your website’s content in an intuitive fashion. Do you have any questions about how to best utilize the tools EPiServer provides to increase your traffic and ROI? Please contact us, and we can help you make the most of the different social channels available to meet your business goals.