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Terms of Service

Welcome to the Terms of Service for Diagram!  

Diagram provides website design, development, marketing, and hosting services, including ongoing maintenance and support. These Terms of Service outline the engagement options we offer and our service delivery policies.  

Working with Diagram 


Maintaining an up to date web presence that satisfies the evolving needs of your audience and site administrators is the ongoing struggle for every mature organization. Through our partnership model we commit to helping you plan and execute on a forward-thinking digital strategy, while helping you deliver and measure outcomes through continual website improvements. Diagram's monthly strategic retainer allows you to reserve a dedicated team whose goal is to steadily build and improve your website, month after month. In addition to standard maintenance and site enhancements, retainer hours can be used for ongoing analysis and review of usability feedback, site usage metrics, SEO data, training, CMS upgrades, and other performance measures. Your account manager will consult with you regularly to discuss short-term and long-term goals, review key performance indicators, and provide advice and guidance on plotting out incremental improvements to your website in order to grow your business, strengthen your brand, and engage your audiences. 

Our Approach 

  • A Dedicated Team  Led by an account strategist, a dedicated team is assembled specifically for you based on your technical and strategic needs as well as the pace of progress you wish to make.  
  • Long-term Strategic Planning - Starting months or even years before the need for a significant digital investment arises, our team can offer you the agility of continued improvement while at the same time mitigating the risks that cause decreasing return on investment over time from your digital properties. We'll help you plan and implement your digital roadmap for ongoing growth and success. 
  • Trusted Relationship - A collaborative partnership creates a sense of accountability and ownership by all parties in the relationship. As such, your account team will understand how your business works from the inside out and will be able to offer the guidance and service that will produce the highest return on investment. 

 Benefits for You 

  • Higher quality of work - As a collaborative team, we share a common goal - stellar work that achieves great results. The account team's immersion and ongoing focus on your business will inspire creative thinking and knowledgeable approaches to producing the best end product. 
  • Faster turnaround - A retainer that is correctly staffed will enable us to dedicate the appropriate assets to any given project well ahead of the deadline. With a good retainer and a dedicated account team, we can put the right people in the right place at the right time, so when you need something on short notice, we'll have the pieces in place to deliver excellence under pressure. 
  • Predictable expense - One-time projects and on-demand reactive support usually mean spending spikes, cost overruns, and an unmanageable budget. A results-focused strategic retainer allows us to determine the appropriate level of investment needed to achieve your goals over an extended period of time. That means you have the comfort and reassurance of a steady, consistent monthly spend that produces the results you need. 

Retainer Usage and Assumptions 

  • Retainers are structured as a monthly investment to reserve dedicated resources assigned to the client. 
  • Monthly investment is based upon a standard hourly rate of $180.00 per hour. Higher rates may apply for specialized services. 
  • Diagram will work with Client to manage retainer usage each month. 
  • In the event the full monthly investment is not used, unused funds will roll over to the following month (valid only for 20-hour per month or higher retainers). 
  • Rolled over funds may not exceed the total monthly investment amount. 
  • Work that exceeds the monthly investment will be billed separately as an overage at the current hourly rate. 
  • Work that exceeds the monthly investment is subject to resource availability and not guaranteed. Priority is given to contracted Retainer hours with overage hours allotted as available. 
  • If Client does not utilize or exceeds the total sum of the monthly investment by 20% or more for two (2) months within a three (3) month period, Diagram will work with Client to renegotiate the retainer agreement to a more suitable monthly investment. 
  • All services performed within the scope of the retainer are confined to Diagram's standard non-holiday business hours of Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm CST. 
  • Hours may be used to request any service currently offered by Diagram with the exception of monthly hosting fees. 
  • Overages in utilized hours will be invoiced at the end of each month. 
  • Client must be current on payments in order to avoid delays in processing service requests. 


When an ongoing relationship is not required, Diagram also offers standalone project engagements for initiatives with a well-defined scope, timeline, and budget. Pricing for projects is determined prior to the start of work or upon completion of a Discovery process. 

Support Requests 

Clients may submit support requests to their Project Manager via phone or email, through Basecamp (if being utilized), or via the Client Portal. Hours needed to complete the request will be deducted from the monthly retainer allotment. Support services are only available to clients with a retainer or during the warranty period of a project. 

Your dedicated team is available to provide assistance with any maintenance or troubleshooting tasks involving websites built by us. The types of services that may be requested through our support channel include: 

  • Creative or programmatic website update requests 
  • Website training and general implementation questions 
  • Website, CMS, or hosting performance issues 
  • Digital marketing services 
  • Troubleshooting and break-fix services 
  • Hosting configuration updates 
  • Data backup and restoration requests 

Support is available Monday through Friday (8:30 am to 5:30 pm CST), excluding major holidays. Requests received after hours and on weekends will be assigned to the priority queue the following business day. Each support request is prioritized and addressed as quickly as possible, but the following prioritization system will help guide expectations. 

Escalation Guidelines

Normal Support (1 to 3 day response time) - This level of support is the most common type of support request and is used for general troubleshooting and minor website issues and updates where the client's website is functioning and operational. Requests are prioritized in the order they are received. Some examples that would require this level of support are as follows: 

  • Minor website update requests 
  • “How to” questions 
  • Basic troubleshooting 

Escalated Support (same day response time) - This level of support is determined at the discretion of the Support Team when the request requires a quicker response or must include additional specialized assistance from senior team members. Escalated requests will be responded to ASAP based on team member availability. Examples of Escalated Support requests include: 

  • Degraded website performance impacting end users 
  • Critical CMS software component not functioning correctly 
  • Site error(s) or broken functionality 
  • Inability to log into the CMS or access your server 

Immediate Support - Immediate Support is available when the severity of the issue requires quick action. Immediate support requests are automatically assigned to the front of the support queue and will be responded to by the first available support team member. Immediate Support is typically requested for urgent issues such as: 

  • Website Down 
  • Security Breach 
  • Data Corruption or Loss 
  • Work stoppage issues 

After-hours Emergency Support 

After-hours and weekend support is available to Diagram hosting clients for critical website downtime situations. To request immediate after-hours support, call the main phone line 630-375-6833 and follow the prompts to connect to a support team member.  

Note: While we will do everything in our power to provide the response level requested, immediate and emergency support is provided based on resource availability and not guaranteed. When submitting a support request, please indicate the level of urgency so we may prioritize your request properly.