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Website Relaunch

Facilitating growth, speed to market, and digital agility with a new CMS platform.


Rithm Capital needed a new system to manage critical web content delivery in a compressed timeframe in order to reach its important and growing audience.


A modern, flexible CMS platform optimized for future growth, speed and scalability, ease of management, and a plan for expedited delivery.


Rithm Capital, a distinguished asset manager specializing in real estate and financial services, was facing a dynamic economic landscape with its growing portfolio of over $35 billion in assets and the need for increased agility and management capabilities of the company’s digital properties. Our partnership focused on how to build the foundation to allow Rithm to quickly and effectively leverage a new content management system (CMS) to meet current demands and be able to grow and evolve as needs arose.

The new face of the Rithm website.
The new face of the Rithm website.

CMS Strategy Building a Scalable Foundation

The need for a cloud-ready, scalable platform capable of supporting Rithm Capital's immediate and long-term operational demands was the primary concern we addressed. Umbraco CMS was selected to serve as the foundation for the new website. Not only would it allow the project to be completed quickly, but as a “Hybrid CMS,” it set the stage for future headless content delivery ambitions allowing content to be decoupled from pre-defined presentation constraints for use wherever and whenever demands arose.






Content Strategy Control and Autonomy for Editors

A priority was to empower Rithm Capital with extensive control over the CMS, enabling them to independently update their web presence in alignment with evolving business requirements and limited internal resources. Umbraco, with its simple and intuitive user interface, provided content editors complete control to preview and publish content and significantly increase the speed and flexibility of content delivery.  





CMS Development Performance and Scalability

Acknowledging Rithm Capital's need to handle traffic surges, especially during press releases and insight publications, the website was engineered for optimal performance and scalability. The multi-use page templates we developed allow content editors to assemble pages in a variety of formats without the need for developer assistance while adhering to Rithm’s brand standards. 







Since launching, Rithm has seen across-the-board improvements in site performance, increased engagement with site editors, and is well-positioned to continue its digital maturity journey.


Reduction in publishing time


Increase in speed and performance


Increase in website visitors


Increase in average page visit duration


Increase in unique visitors


Increase in organic keyword ranking

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