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What We're Reading This Month: CSS Classes, Comic Sans, and More!

Matt Brady
#News & Culture
Published on February 2, 2017

The WSOL team shares some valuable articles that we've read recently, including looks at design and development resources, CSS class names, and storytelling.

Here on the WSOL blog, we're glad to be able to share the insights that our team members have about the worlds of web design, CMS development, user experience, inbound marketing, and much more, but we're definitely not the only voice you should pay attention to. Here's our monthly roundup of interesting reading from across the web that our team members wanted to share:

John McKillip:

How to Enable HTTP/2 With Episerver

This is a nice look at the HTTP/2 protocol, why it's important, and how to set it up in Episerver.

Doug Miller:

I wanted to share the following video, which is a look at how the Blockspring tool can be used to pull data into Google Sheets spreadsheets:

Joe Mayberry:

A Coder, a Programmer, a Hacker, a Developer, and a Computer Scientist Walk Into a Venn Diagram

While this sounds like the setup for a joke, but it's actually an interesting look at the differences between these roles and what it really means to "learn to code."

Writing Software Is Hard

I really liked this discussion of the difficulty of creating good software and the importance of putting in the hard work to do the job right.

Resilient Web Design

Jeremy Keith's book on web design is a great resource for both designers and developers, and it's available for free online!

Dennis Kardys:

Kiss My Classname: A Counterpoint

The design community saw some interesting discussion recently about using non-semantic CSS class names, and I thought that this was a good take on using Functional CSS, with some great examples.

Dan Sitton:

Meet the Man to Blame for Comic Sans

Comic Sans is every designer's least favorite font, but I thought this article and video about its creation were really interesting.

Matt Brady:

How To Tell a Story They’ll Remember: Insights From Affable Scientific Storyteller Carl Sagan

This article has some great tips on how to follow Carl Sagan's example and connect with your audience when creating content.

We're always looking for more great reading, so if you have any articles or blogs that you think we would be interested in, please feel free to let us know in the comments below!