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HubSpot Marketing Automation Product Update:  January 2017 Edition

Allison Casey Digital Marketing Director, Partner
#Inbound Marketing, #HubSpot
Published on January 6, 2017

In our latest blog on HubSpot's newest features and updates, we look at the redesigned Contacts screens, Lists, and Imports.

The HubSpot Product team continues to be busy, with a focus lately on design and user interface of the product. In this month’s recap of new Product updates, I’m focusing solely on the newly redesigned contact screens. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

New Year, New Look

UI (User Interface) continues to be an important goal for the HubSpot product team, and we are thrilled that the core sections of HubSpot got a major facelift recently. Over the past few months, new interfaces for All Contacts, Contact records, Lists, and Imports have been in the works, and as of January 5th, all HubSpot customers have been moved over the new designs.

All Contacts

HubSpot All Contacts Screen

We love the refreshed look of the new All Contacts Screen. The display columns are now drag and drop. This allows users to customize their view based on the information they want to see “at a glance.” Additionally, the ability to quickly filter the view and then export the contacts in that view is easily accessed from the left part of the screen.      

Contact Record

This screen is the main source of information for how and when people are engaging with your website, emails, and sales team. If you’ve been using the HubSpot CRM, this won’t seem like a dramatic change, but for those who are only using the marketing software, welcome to the new interface. It’s super clean, and it has a much more modern look. 

HubSpot Contact Record

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Additionally, you’ll note that the basic parts of the contact record are organized into “cards” that can be moved around to customize your view:

HubSpot Contact Record Cards

This leaves the “timeline” area at the center of the screen, allowing you to jump right into viewing that key information without having to scroll through the basics. 


Take a look at the new Lists interface:

HubSpot Lists Interface

You can now select lists in bulk, making it easier to delete lists or move them into appropriate folders. This is a huge time saver for people who tried to keep things organized using the folder structure, but had to manually move lists one at a time.

This new interface also offers a split screen editor that displays a real-time preview of any changes made to a list’s settings:

HubSpot Lists Split Screen Editor

This allows you to see how the contacts in your list change as you add or modify the list’s filters. This change should make list building a lot more streamlined and save a lot of time. 

Import Tool

While HubSpot has always made importing contact records between systems pretty straightforward, this new interface makes things simpler (and prettier): 

HubSpot Import

HubSpot File Import

The import function is now unified with HubSpot Sales, meaning that no matter which side you initiate your import from, you’ll be taken through the same set of steps. They’ve also made opt-out list importing and SalesForce importing a lot clearer. Additionally, field mapping has been improved so that HubSpot properties that are calculated (such as email clicks) can’t be mapped to on the import. This has eliminated some confusing errors which would often display following an import. Lastly, Lifecycle stage must now be assigned when doing an import. This was not previously required, and all HubSpot imports defaulted to a Subscriber Lifecycle stage.

These are some of the key product updates that we see having a positive impact on the use of the product for our clients (and for us as a HubSpot Partner). Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of every recent HubSpot product update; for that, we recommend checking out the HubSpot product update page every so often. What feature are you planning on using or checking out? Let us know in the comments below!