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Our Approach

Embedding Agility into the Way We Work.

Our process has been designed to bring out the very best in a collaborative partnership.

Sticking to the plan can be a misguided measure for success.

What’s a better measure for success, producing work that drives business results and benefits your customers, or how closely you followed a predefined plan? Outcome-focused teams don’t lose sight of the reason for doing the work in the first place. Opportunities to take a better or smarter approach emerge continuously as new insights are uncovered or business and customer needs evolve. We take a flexible approach that embraces change, allowing us to pivot and respond quickly when change is desired.

Our flexible approach leads to healthier partnerships.

Because our approach encourages learning and is designed to accommodate change, it eliminates the typical stress and contention everyone feels when something needs to change. It fosters a collaborative culture where team members on both sides are mutually invested in delivering the best solutions and empowered to change direction when it makes sense. 

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Cross-functional agile teams are better problem solvers.

When you partner with Diagram, you are paired with one of our dedicated agile teams. Each team is staffed with experts in technology, design, marketing, and business. This creates a diversity of perspectives that ensure problems and solutions are looked at holistically. It also equips them to facilitate cross-departmental conversations within your organization to support collaboration across initiatives.


Lean, agile practices lead to better results, faster.

Using agile methods, our teams deliver work in frequent small batches rather than long timelines and big reveals. This is mutually beneficial in many ways. A regular cadence of demos creates continuous feedback loops, ensuring our experts and your stakeholders remain aligned and can course correct as needed. Delivering in small batches also allows us to ship updates and new features to your end users on a continual basis. This decreases the time it takes for you to see return on your investment and helps us collect feedback early and often so future iterations are better informed and more likely to result in ideal outcomes.

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Aligning budgets with velocity goals reduces risk.

Fixed budgets and deadlines for big projects typically require trade-offs. Pre-planning requires guesses that can risk budget and schedule if changes occur. This often leads to unexpected extra costs and delays. We prefer a method that quickly delivers important work, allows needed adjustments without derailing the project, and respects your monthly budget. By tackling the work in smaller sections, we better understand and manage complexities and risks. This leads to more accurate estimates, better budget management, and ensures investment in necessary work rather than uncertain assumptions.

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Results Matter.

We design creative digital solutions that grow your business, strengthen your brand, and engage your audience. Are you looking for a partner to get you to the next level?

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