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HubSpot CMS Migration

Using HubSpot CMS to create two websites for M2Gen, a leading cancer research organization.


Consolidate two separately designed websites onto a single CMS platform with a consistent layout and brand for each.


Create a re-usable design template using HubSpot CMS and migrate existing designs from WordPress.


M2GEN is a health informatics solutions company focused on accelerating the discovery and development of precision medicine and serves as the operational arm of the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN), an alliance of the nation’s leading cancer centers. 

With two distinct websites that comprised the M2Gen/ORIEN network, having a consistent brand and a single platform to manage each site was an important goal for the organization.  M2Gen partnered with Diagram to provide strategic consulting on CMS options and to migrate the disparate websites into HubSpot CMS.

M2Gen Homepage
M2Gen Homepage

Research and Strategy

In order to meet the needs of each organization under the M2Gen umbrella, a system was needed that would allow for a shared CMS platform and visual design identity.  The original sites were designed separately by different partners and did not portray the organizations in any sort of cohesive manner.  Our goals was to bring each website under a single platform, share a general codebase to allow for quick reproduction, while still being able to allow for unique visual aspects important in differentiating the organizations.

HubSpotHubSpot was selected as the CMS platform due to its built-in ability to host multiple websites with unique domain names under a single account with a shared codebase.  Rather than managing two separate instances of WordPress with separate administration centers and different sets of code, HubSpot would give a single administrator the ability to easily manage both websites at once.  

From a cost standpoint, building a shared system would allow subsequent sites to be built at a fraction of the original price and a much quicker time to production.  


ORIEN homepage
ORIEN homepage

Responsive and Accessible

With the overall design concepts already provided, our goal was to faithfully reproduce the layout in HubSpot while ensuring the site would appear properly on all screens and devices and be accessible to the widest possible audience.  

The responsive design framework was created to provide a professional and visually appealing experience regardless of screen size.  Colors, graphical features  and navigational elements were optimized to ensure adequate accessibility for visually impaired users.

Responsive Design
Responsive Design

Looking Ahead

With the successful implementation of two websites on HubSpot, M2Gen is already in the planning stages of migrating their third website onto the platform.  Diagram is proud to partner with M2Gen and to contribute to the important work they're doing.