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Houlihan Lokey

Umbraco CMS Migration


Migrate to a modern, composable, cloud-based Digital Experience Platform (DXP) with new functionality and web accessibility upgrades in an expedited timeframe. 


The implementation of a hybrid CMS platform, Umbraco, carried out with efficiency-focused agile product delivery, Microsoft Azure configuration, and a complete website design refresh.


Houlihan Lokey is renowned as the trusted advisor to more top decision-makers than any other independent global investment bank. They are dedicated to delivering superior outcomes for their clients, providing thoughtful, caring advice while acting with honor and integrity. With a strategic approach to growth, Houlihan Lokey is committed to creating lasting value for their shareholders. Houlihan Lokey approached Diagram to assist with migrating their primary website to a modern, composable CMS and incorporating new functionality with a focus on accessibility for their diverse audience. Plus, it needed to be completed quickly without an extended content publication freeze.

CMS Strategy Platform Evaluation and Selection

In the initial phase of the website development project, Diagram conducted a comprehensive analysis of various cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) options. Our focus was to assess each platform's ability to integrate multiple software components seamlessly, known as composability, as well as the total cost of ownership (TCO) that would accrue over time. After an extensive evaluation process, we chose Umbraco CMS as the preferred platform. Umbraco stood out due to its exceptional combination of powerful features, high degree of composability, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for laying a strong and scalable foundation that is primed to support the website's future growth and evolving demands. 



Agile Delivery Iterative Design and Development

The development project harnessed an agile methodology, blending design, development, and testing into a unified, iterative cycle. This approach fostered the concurrent evolution of design aesthetics, content, and technical functionality, which in turn facilitated dynamic feedback and permitted real-time refinements. We initiated our journey with the deployment of core features, gradually introducing more complex functionalities in a series of phases. This strategy significantly enhanced our flexibility and adaptability to change.





Cloud Implementation Microsoft Azure Configuration

In parallel, Diagram engaged in a meticulous collaboration with Houlihan Lokey's IT specialists to architect and execute a sophisticated, multi-tiered environment on Microsoft Azure. By utilizing the cloud's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and pioneering a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, we crafted a strategic configuration. This infrastructure not only optimized the deployment process but also reduced the need for manual server oversight, while concurrently diminishing the errors frequently associated with rapid deployment cycles. 







Web Accessibility Elevating Accessibility Standards

With web accessibility becoming an indispensable facet for enterprise entities, this project offered an exceptional chance to fine-tune technical infrastructure and content creation strategies. We aimed to elevate web accessibility standards, ensuring a diverse, inclusive, and effortlessly navigable experience across Houlihan Lokey's digital platforms. 

Data Management Reinforcing Data Privacy

In an era where data privacy is paramount, this website replatforming project allowed for an evaluation of data handling practices. This included implementing additional layers of user choice regarding data tracking and privacy, reinforcing Houlihan Lokey's commitment to safeguarding user information. 


The migration to Umbraco CMS marks a milestone in the partnership between Houlihan Lokey and the Diagram team, showcasing the strength of collaboration in achieving digital excellence. This project highlights our combined efforts to overcome challenges, introducing a future-ready platform with enhanced accessibility and privacy. It's a testament to how teamwork and innovation can transform a vision into reality, setting new benchmarks for the industry. 

Note: Information presented in this case study is valid as of the date of publication (Apr. 16, 2024).