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Why Enterprise Hosting?

Jim Tremmel
Published on September 19, 2013

Diagram's enterprise hosting options focus on websites that utilize Microsoft .NET technology while maintaining strict standards and providing the best possible hosting solution for each client.

As an enterprise web hosting company, Diagram focuses on hosting websites which use Microsoft .NET. While we do host some Linux-based sites, 90% of our hosted products use .NET. This goes against the norm; most hosting companies focus on Linux hosting, since the lack of expensive licensing fees allows for greater profitability. However, Diagram specializes in CMS hosting using platforms such as Ektron, EPiServer, and Sitecore, and these are all built on .NET technology, which makes our expertise in .NET hosting essential.

For Diagram, .NET hosting isn’t just an afterthought; it’s our primary function as a hosting company. We ensure that our hosting engineers have extensive knowledge of the .NET platform, including how IIS and SQL work, and we make sure our Microsoft database administrators (DBAs) are trained in all aspects of the technology. Our servers are extensively tested and optimized for .NET, and we ensure that the correct hardware (RAM, CPU, hard disk space) is installed and functioning correctly. We understand that the major corporations who host with us need the stability of Microsoft .NET, and we believe in the robust, stable platform that it provides.

In addition to providing the hosting services, Diagram provides the expertise and support to understand how Microsoft products are hosted. Our technicians are trained to recognize and understand the issues which may occur, knowing what any errors which are encountered mean and how to resolve them. We also ensure that any security issues or vulnerabilities are addressed in both Windows servers and database servers, and we stay in front of ongoing issues, keeping servers as secure as possible. We make sure all our servers are up to date with the latest patches, but before applying these patches, we test them extensively to ensure they will have no adverse effect on the sites hosted. We are always aware of our hosted sites’ stability, and by following this process, we can ensure that our clients utilize the most up-to-date technology without encountering any service interruptions. We utilize Microsoft SCOM reporting to monitor the health of our servers, making sure that any hardware or software issues are addressed as soon as they occur.

Diagram also understands how to configure complex load balancing setups, and we respect that these configurations are complicated, making sure to take the time to address all possible issues and eventualities. You can rest assured that we cover all the bases and ensure that all our clients’ needs are met.

It takes a lot of effort on our part, but by striving to provide the best possible services for our clients, Diagram provides the ideal hosting environment for .NET-based websites. We make sure to hire the best, most knowledgeable people, and we use top-of-the-line hardware in our state-of-the-art data centers, resulting in the best hosting solution available. If you have any questions about how we can use our expertise to host your .NET website, please contact us.