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Not Just Hosting but WSOL Hosting

Jim Tremmel
Published on July 1, 2013

All hosting solutions are different, while some companies provide a small variety of hosting packages. WSOL strives to provide all clients with specialized hosting options based on their needs and proactive technical support.

Simplified Hosting

When my son was around five years old, he asked me what I did for a living. I tried to make it very simple for him. I stated that when he goes on the computer and goes to the Nick Jr. website to play games that the site is living somewhere. He replied that yes, he knew it is living in our computer. I realized then that this would be a long night, but I plunged forward in my foolhardy task of making him understand. I tried to “unsimple” the simple and told him that the website does live somewhere, but rather than in our computer, it’s on another computer somewhere else, and the company I work for provides a home for websites like that one. I do think he started to understand, but to be honest, he really didn’t care as long as the games he wanted to play worked. That is the key to web hosting: no one cares about where a web site is hosted until they cannot get to it.

According to Dictionary.com, a web host is defined as the following: "the business of providing various services, hardware, and software for websites, as storage and maintenance of site files on a server."

All Hosting is not Equal

A superior hosting company is not just servers, generators, firewalls, routers, and switches. It is dedicated professionals who wake up each day with the goal of keeping websites
up and web data active. A solid hosting company has a customer support team that is willing to listen and learn from their clients. All hosting is not equal, and not every hosting company can meet the needs of an organization searching for business class hosting. With all the attacks and threats occurring across the internet each day, our business clients need a host that is policing their network constantly and staying ahead of the “evil doers,” as I am sure a former
president would call them. WSOL hosting is all those things and more. We are a hosting provider that understands Microsoft.NET and CMS hosting, along with building and maintaining complex
infrastructures. We take the time to understand that our clients are not looking for cookie cutter hosting. The typical WSOL client needs a specialized approach based on their needs. We have Database Administrators on staff to help guide our client thru what can be a minefield
in moving and setting up MSSQL and MYSQL.

Always Improving

There is not a day that goes by at WSOL hosting that we are not looking for ways to improve our hosting services. We know that certain CMS platforms run better with more RAM, and we make sure to consult with our clients to determine the best approach for their environment. What’s more, we don’t leave provisioning up to an automated system, but make sure to personally configure the environment to fit the clients’ specifications. We want you to know that the host you are with truly has a pulse and a heart, and we’ll make sure you have contact with a project coordinator to make sure that your website is set up to the exact specifications that were ordered.

WSOL’s problem and issue management approach is a continuous proactive project management process. We establish a central repository for both issues and action items, and we ensure a quick resolution to any requests. Establishing accountability for issues is more than an objective; it is our goal on each and every service and support ticket. The effective sharing of information both internally and externally helps ensure the success of our support process. Our support team provides a method of escalation that uses all resources that our web agency model has to offer. We are not afraid of the challenge of complex and urgent issues; we take them on knowing that a satisfied client is not just our goal, but our responsibility.

I do believe that Dictionary.com has the very basic definition correct on what web hosting is, but what Dictionary.com does not have is the WSOL hosting definition, which says,

“The WSOL model is an Enterprise Hosting agency specializing in designing hosting solutions for Ektron CMS, critical IT applications, and web infrastructure. Many of our customers utilize Enterprise Hosting for the high degree of nimbleness, virtualization, and flexibility, along with the high level support provided to assist with their web initiatives. We provide and manage firewalls to supply network protection to their servers. Our entire network is managed by U.S. based engineers and technical support. WSOL also has the benefit of CMS design expertise within the same company. This is a huge strategic advantage that saves our clients time and money, along with the added support level that they will not find at most hosting companies.“

My son is now eight, and this morning I shared with him a little more of what we do in keeping web sites up and running. He smiled and said that the only thing better would be if I was a Major League Baseball player.