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Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet Trends Report Packed with Useful Intel for Digital Strategy | Key Slides & Full Deck

Doug Miller
#Digital Marketing
Published on June 1, 2017

Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report is always a treasure trove of information that is super relevant. We've taken the time to sift through the 355 slides to highlight a few key elements.

Every year, we look forward to Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report. It's always a treasure trove of information that is super relevant for anybody who has their work touched by the internet in some way, and that includes a lot of people. Because we like to keep you informed as well, we've taken the time to sift through the 355 slides to highlight a few key elements. 

You can also see the full slide deck below and, as Mary Meeker herself said in the presentation of this year's deck on video, it is meant to be read, not presented. This is likely something you'll want to take some time to digest if you want the full impact, but fear not, it is divided into key sections. Here's the slide that tells you which sections are about what:

Internet Trends 2017 Infographic

Below are a few highlights out of the 355 slides as well as some additional thoughts. 

"It’s striking to see the rapid emergence and domination of mobile users over the past several years.  While we have taken a “mobile first” approach to web development and design for a number of years, it has always been with the acknowledgement that the majority of users were still desktop/laptop-bound.  That is no longer the case.  The desktop/laptop experience is fast becoming marginalized and that has huge implications for design firms, advertisers and consumers of digital media." -Bill Casey, Diagram CEO

To begin with, we focused on the sections about online advertising, games, media, and the cloud. Just those sections alone have so much insight to offer about where to take your digital strategy. For example, take a look at this chart below with great info about ad spend proportions - notice how mobile spend is gaining:


There is also some great info about user time/attention and mobile device use growth. Still just 24 hours in a day, but look at that mobile time growth!


Below you will see a graph with some very interesting data about digital ads and opportunities for growth in spend. What is your current strategy for paid spend and mobile? There are some great opportunities for targeting in those mobile and social spaces.


Mobile queries are 20% driven by voice, which is noteworthy to think of in terms of overall UX.

Mobile Phones

Do you skip those YouTube ads that you see in front of your video? How do you feel about them? Below is some data about the perception of video ads and incentives:


The report this year has lots of data around video consuption in general. What kind of strategy do you have for YouTube subscribers?

Unboxing Youtube Channel

This year's report includes so many slides of data around the rise of games as a medium for ads, not just video. That should be no surprise once you take a look at the levels of engagement for each medium:


Attention management in any medium is crucial to engagement and ultimately to return on investment, be it games, your ads, your B2B app, or your website. The same could also be said of managing your workforce and keeping employees engaged. 

Engaging Learning Process Graph


These slide clips are just the tip of the iceberg, however. Noteworthy this year is the percentage of time talking about the globalization of the internet.

For example, there were 94 slides devoted to data around use in China and India.

Likewise, there were lots of slides devoted to data around Healthcare and the Internet - a subject that is near to our hearts because we have helped so many clients in Healthcare navigate the very challenges indicated (note that rise in PubMed content!).

As we mentioned, you can see the whole 355 slide deck below, but don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to have some more personalized discussion around what this all can mean for you and your business. Find this kind of information useful? Don't forget to subscribe to our blog (below) so that we can hand-curate valuable, relevant information your way with our WEEKLY email updates.